This video clip from the early 1990s captures the intense media frenzy surrounding Boris Yeltsin, a highly visible political figure in Russia during that time. As Yeltsin moves quickly through a crowded area, journalists struggle to keep up with him, jostling and pushing each other to capture the best shot.

Rare Historical Footage: Boris Yeltsin’s Official Visit to Belarus in 1995 | #BorisYeltsin #NainaYeltsin #RussiaBelarus #HistoricalFootage

On February 22, 1995, former Russian President Boris Yeltsin and his wife Naina arrived in Belarus on a government plane for an official visit. The scene shows the plane landing on a runway at an airport in Belarus. Footage of Yeltsin and Naina disembarking from the aircraft. The airplane bears the Russian flag and the word “Russia” is visible on the side of the plane. They are greeted on the tarmac by Belarusian government officials wearing traditional attire.

Footage of Security personnel and members of the Belarusian army

Happy Lujashenko, the then-chairman of the Supreme Council of Belarus, is also present to welcome them. In addition, a group of Belarusian women wearing colorful national dresses are also present to welcome the Yeltsins. Yeltsin and Naina are also wearing formal attire or suits. In the background, there is airport infrastructure visible, such as airport buildings, vehicles, and equipment. The scene suggests an official visit or event between Russia and Belarus, possibly related to international relations or diplomacy.

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Alexander Lukashenko, the then-chairman of the Supreme Council of Belarus, was happy during Yeltsin’s visit to Minsk because it represented a significant milestone in the development of the Russia-Belarus Union.

The union was an important initiative for Lukashenko, who had been advocating for closer ties between Russia and Belarus.

Lukashenko may have seen this as a positive step towards further strengthening ties between the two countries, which would benefit Belarus both politically and economically. Additionally, Yeltsin’s visit may have been seen as a sign of recognition and respect for Belarus and its leadership, which could have been a source of pride and satisfaction for Lukashenko.

The visit by Yeltsin, the former President of Russia

It signaled a significant level of support and engagement from the Russian government towards the union.