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Text to speech in twenty languages

Text to speech conversion using realistic AI voices. A selection of natural-sounding artificial intelligence voices is available in twenty languages. Therefore, we create professional voice acting for any video. Whether it is English or Arabic, Russian or Spanish, our team can voice the video in any language of the world. Clients choose their favorite voice from a variety of languages, accents and timbres of female and male voice options.

Video voice-over in English

Video example of converting Russian text into English speech and dubbing the video in English in a businesslike female voice.

Voice-over of the text in Russian

For comparison, please see an example of this video dubbed by a male voice in Russian from the original text.

Voice over in a foreign language involves adjusting the pitch and tone, pauses in pronunciation, as well as changing the speed and adding any foreign language and pronunciation accent. We will give you a choice of options and voice over the video in the selected language and voice.

Hebrew voice-over

Our team’s work on this video includes translating Russian text and converting it to speech. We also choose a suitable voice and voice over the text behind the scenes in a foreign language, in this case, in Hebrew. A professional translator and native speaker checks the final result and evaluates the quality. If necessary, the specialist makes amendments to the text for a perfect result.

Voice-over text in Arabic

Coming soon…

We translate and dub subtitles into Russian from English and vice versa for miniseries, films and documentaries. We also add subtitles to educational, cultural and training videos. To be successful in the ever-growing subtitling market, translators must have a good understanding of standard subtitling conventions and requirements, as well as the tools and technologies available to enhance their productivity.


Order text to voice conversion for your video in any language

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