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Medical and Healthcare

Medical and Healthcare stock footage from Russia and USSR.


Bakulev cardio-vascular surgery centre

Cardio-vascular heart surgery medical facilities footage, leading Moscow surgeon Leo Bokeria M11

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surgical stock video clips 

Obesity Bariatrics SURGERY treatment footage Surgically reducing patient stomach to prevent eating

In addition to archival videos
Obesity surgery Real 17 y.o. man bariatric surgery Reducing stomach Bariatrics medical #weightloss

Surgical treatment of obesity. Filming of operation process. Bariatrics is the branch of medicine that deals with the causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity. A true story of a young Russian boy featured in our video, age 17, suffering from obesity. He is eating a lot, drinking Coca Cola and getting very fat. Therefore, he is undergoing surgery to reduce his stomach to ¼ of its actual size; TVDATA came crew followed the teenager from the beginning consultation step via surgery room to the result. The full video is available for licensing or personal use; contact us at [email protected]

TVDATA Russian Stock Footage Collection:

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