Welcome to TVDATA, your trusted partner for top-quality video research and footage licensing services. Our extensive collection of contemporary and archival footage from the Russian Footage Collection is unparalleled, offering a wide range of visual storytelling tools for your creative projects. Unlock the power of captivating visuals with TVDATA’s unparalleled video research and footage licensing services. Our Footage Collection, sourced from independent producers and studios, offers a vast range of contemporary and archival footage. With over 15 years of experience, we cater to a global clientele, providing exceptional stock footage research and licensing solutions. Let TVDATA bring your stories to life with our rich and diverse footage library.


Experience the gripping aftermath of the Chernobyl Catastrophe through our licensed stock footage and videos, including rare interviews with politicians, all featured in the Sky Documentary Film “The Real Chernobyl”. As a trusted provider of high-quality footage licensing services, we take pride in offering our clients access to powerful visual storytelling tools that bring their creative vision to life. Get in touch with us today to explore our extensive collection of captivating footage.

Duo Creative Communications

At TVDATA, we empower clients across diverse industries, including motion pictures, advertising, and TV production, to access top-quality footage for their creative projects. From the big screen to the small screen, our footage licensing solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each client. For instance, we provided Herzog & Company, a Hollywood-based production house, with licensed Russian Parade Footage for their groundbreaking documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” (2006). Our vast collection of footage and our commitment to excellence make us the go-to partner for clients seeking to create impactful visual content. Let us help bring your creative vision to life – contact us today.

We are proud to be a trusted partner of clients in the film industry, such as 999 Productions, LLC. Our footage licensing services have been instrumental in the success of various film projects, including “Triple 9” (2016). We offer a vast selection of high-quality footage that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each production. Whether you need contemporary or archival footage, we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring that you get the footage you need to make your project a success. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help take your project to the next level.

For this movie, we licensed Russian footage featuring criminals and the mafia.

Worldview Entertainment
22.01.2015 from “Mike Davis”

Hello, I’m working as a stock footage coordinator for the independent feature film “999” by Worldview Entertainment. We are looking for news “b-roll” type footage for scenes where a character is watching news reports, and I hope you can help me locate some clips. Rights would be worldwide/entertainment/all media/theatrical/perpetuity. We need current/recent “Russian mafia” footage. Here’s a list of the types of images I’m looking for: Russian mobsters/gangsters. Russian mobsters shoot-outs/deaths/assassinations. Russian mobsters being arrested/mugshots. Caches of confiscated guns and cash. Guard/attack dogs.

Project:  Singapore Airline Commercial for ClientS: FinLondon and BBC worldwide

Russian Iconic Filming Locations hire for Singapore Airline Commercial; Cameramen services and stock footage research for three-part commercial showcasing Moscow as a stopover destination flying to Singapore.

KAOS PICTURES for a project Get Smart (2008)
clients include companies from all over the world

Other clients include companies from all over the world, various television and movie production companies from the United States, Canada, and Europe. Over several years, we worked with an award-winning production company Nutopia. We researched and licensed USSR archival footage and various Soviet sport video sequences for a documentary project: The 80’s greatest.


TV Data provides distribution and research services. We search for footage in various Russian audiovisual archives and television libraries to find a stock video that meets your specific needs. You can send your request to [email protected]. We will preview videos, locate production records, investigate rights.

Our Client: Blast! Films



TVDATA supplied various stock footage for documentary projects related to Russia, including the Chelyabinsk meteor video. Impressive video clips from 2013 of a super bolide that penetrated Earth’s atmosphere above Russia on the 15th of February 2013.

Media support Services in Russia  

Client: Creative Advertising agency Artek Group

An Indonesian Video Advertising Project was filmed in Moscow in June 2018. The product advertised is a blend of instant coffee – Torabika cappuccino. TVDATA team provided media support for an Indonesian creative Advertising agency Artek Group.

Across the Pond

We produced and filmed a corporate film for the Google AdWords campaigne.

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