Soviet Athletes Parades on Red Square in Moscow Black & White film

The first parade of Soviet athletes was held on Red Square back in 1919. Parades of Soviet athletes were held irregularly. But since 1931, the parade has become an annual event and its venue has always been Red Square. Since 1936, parades of Soviet athletes began to be called All-Union parades, because representatives of all republics took part in them. In some years, these were representatives of eleven republics, then sixteen, when the Moldavian USSR, the Karelian-Finnish USSR and the three Baltic republics were added to the USSR.

Soviet Athletes Parades on Red Square in Moscow video reel from Black and white film tape.


Sketches of costumes and compositions were prepared by the best artists. In fact, it was the main mass sports event. Then in the Soviet Union there were no Olympics with their opening or closing ceremonies. Parades of athletes performed an important propaganda role. It was at the parade of athletes in Moscow in 1935 that Stalin was named the best friend of the pioneers. A year later, during the All-Union Parade, the slogan “Thank you, Comrade Stalin, for our happy childhood!” sounded for the first time!

STALIN OVERSEES JUNE 30, 1935, PARADE OF ATHLETES IN MOSCOW Red Square Soviet Communism FILM footage

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Stock Videos from Red Square in Moscow during Soviet Parades filmed in various USSR and Post-Soviet years.  


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