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Stock Footage Licensing


Non-exclusive media content means that other customers can also license the same content from TVDATA and you do not have exclusive rights to use it. Stock footage and imagery licensing rights are perpetual, meaning they never expire or end.

Worldwide rights

Worldwide rights for a license means you can use the content in any part of the world. Using content an unlimited number of times, which means that it can be reused indefinitely. Content can be used on any medium or format, whether it is print, digital, or any other.

Interested parties may contact TVDATA to discuss a buyout if they are looking to use RF content exclusively.

Length of a clip

The typical length of TVDATA stock footage video clip can vary depending on the sequence and the specific clip. However, the most common lengths for our stock footage video clips are between 15 and 30 seconds. Some clips are longer or shorter, depending on the subject matter and intended use of the footage. It’s also worth noting that we offer the option to purchase multiple clips and create longer edits or sequences.

How to pay

To pay for a Stock Footage Video Clip Licensing, you can choose your preferred payment method, such as a credit card, debit card, PayPal, or other online payment options, e.g. a bank transfer.

Where to choose

You can choose a specific video clip from a longer video previews on TVDATA YouTube Channels. Use the progress bar located at the bottom of the video player to navigate to the approximate location of the clip. Please provide us a link and a time code. You can also use the YouTube video’s timestamp feature to create a link to a specific time in the video. To do this, pause the video at the desired starting point, right-click on the video, and select “Copy video URL at current time”. This will generate a link that will start the video at the exact point you specified when clicked. TVDATA channels has updated previews daily.