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TVDATA provided video production services in Moscow for an Indonesian – Toribio cappuccino project. It is a Commercial filler which aims to showcase a Coffee product as a popular drink among Russian Youth.


Our English-speaking videographer worked along with an Indonesian Director and producers. Our Russian Cameraman is equipped with Sony A7S II Lenses Canon 16-35, 24-70, 70-200.


Besides, we recommended FILMING LOCATIONs IN MOSCOW and provided producer support for this project.

producer support
producer support

TVDATA. TV is operation from Moscow and London offices and provides media services all over Russia. We worked with various international broadcasters on Short Films, Adverts, Commercials and Feature films.


FILMING LOCATION IN MOSCOW and producer support Russian video services
FILMING LOCATION IN MOSCOW and producer support
Russian video services
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Camera type 35 mm format film-style digital camera with lightweight/ compact carbon body, switchable active sensor area; support for ARRI MVF-1 viewfinder, built-in remote control capabilities via ARRI Electronic Control System and Wi-Fi, support for cforce motors, built-in motorized ND filters, interchangeable lens mounts and ARRI Lens Data System as well as Lens Data Archive.


Camera ARRI ALEXA Mini for rent in Moscow, Russia
Camera ARRI ALEXA Mini for rent in Moscow, Russia
Technical info

ARRI ALEV III CMOS format 35 мм (4:3 / super35)
video recording:

S16 HD: 1600 x 900 (1760 x 980)
HD: 2880 x 1620 (3168 x 1772)
2K: 2868 x 1612 (3154 x 1764)
3.2K: 3200 x 1800 (3424 x 1926)
4K UHD: 3200 x 1800 (3424 x 1926)
4:3 2.8K: 2880 x 2160 (3168 x 2160)
2.39:1 2K Ana.: 2560 x 2145 (3424 x 2202)
HD Ana.: 1920 x 2160 (3424 x 2202)
Open Gate 3.4K: 3424 x 2202 (3424 x 2202)

Electronic shutter, 5.0° to 356.0°

Exposure index EI 800 base sensitivity

Lens mounts Titanium PL mount with L-Bus connector and LDS
EF mount
PL mount with Hirose connector and LDS
B4 mount with Hirose connector(A)
ARRI Alexa MINI set includes
ARRI Alexa MINI. Camera accessories Cine Pro Set. Filters ND 0.6,1.2,2.1. Viewfinder Alexa Mini. Trans video Starlite HD5. Follow focus ARRI FF-5Pro set. Memory cards Cfast 256gb, dock station USB 3.0. WCU-4 Monitor Bracket. 2 batteries and a charger.


Rental price is 55,000 rub / apr. 900 USD per day.
Rental terms and conditions:  Minimum rental period 2 working days, we also have to join our technician unless you hire a cameraman or a tv crew with us.