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The Soviet Union broke in 1991 followed by the 1993 Russian constitutional crisis. As a result, various television channels broadcasted volatile events from Moscow. The collapse situation lasted for months, therefore, we have hours of stock footage on the topic. Witness the struggle for power and the fight for democracy, as protesters take to the streets and politicians debate the future of the country.

This is a must-see archive for anyone interested in the history of the former Soviet Union and the political upheaval that followed its collapse.

Don’t miss out on this incredible resource for historical research and creative projects!

Step into the tumultuous era of the 1990s, when the collapse of the Soviet Union gave way to a period of hardship, poverty, and social upheaval.

Our newly digitized stock footage collection offers a rare window into this transformative time, filmed on Betacam SP in stunning 720 x 576 resolution.

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See for yourself the stark reality of life in post-Soviet Russia, with footage of teenagers working and begging on the streets of Moscow, and other scenes of hardship and struggle. This is a must-see archive for anyone interested in the history of the former Soviet Union and its aftermath. Don’t miss out on this unique glimpse into a pivotal period in world history!

03’01” Boris Yeltsin speaking on a tank in front of the government building. in Moscow on 19 August 1991. Other Boris Yeltsin-related stock footage featuring early and late 1990th. 

THE SOVIET UNION BROKE IN 1991 FOLLOWED BY THE 1993 RUSSIAN CRISIS, we present a stock footage collection devoted to the era.

Our digitized stock footage collection captures the hardships and poverty of this transformative era in stunning Betacam SP 720 x 576 resolution. From scenes of teenagers working and begging on the streets of Moscow to the collapse of the Soviet economy, this footage offers a raw and unfiltered look at a pivotal period in world history. Whether you’re a researcher, filmmaker, or history buff, this collection is a must-see for anyone interested in the tumultuous aftermath of the Soviet Union’s collapse.

In addition, our Video Editing Engineer adds new stock footage daily to our YouTube channels. 

Relive the dramatic events of August 21, 1991, when the future of the Soviet Union hung in the balance. Our newly digitized footage captures the chaos and confusion of that historic day, with footage of protesters clashing in the streets, interviews with former communist party leaders, and the momentous resignation of Gorbachev. Don’t miss this rare glimpse into one of the most important events in modern Russian history!

Moscow coup gathered lots of Russian crowd on the streets of ex USSR capital. The area of the Russian Parliament was an epicentre of revolutionary events. Russian military in Soviet uniforms came to stop violence during the coup d’état in 1991.  Here we present shocking videos, various interviews and stock video clips for your creative projects. Protesters clash with police and military on the streets of Moscow.

Our shocking footage captures the epicentre of the revolutionary events, with crowds of Russian protesters clashing with police and military forces in the streets.

Watch as Russian military personnel in Soviet uniforms struggle to contain the violence, while the area around the Russian Parliament becomes a hotbed of political upheaval. This rare archive footage and interviews with eyewitnesses offer a unique glimpse into one of the most pivotal moments in modern Russian history. Don’t miss out on this incredible resource for your creative projects and historical research!


The Russian government stunned its citizens Saturday with a blitzkrieg of monetary reform, abruptly announcing that some of the cash in their pockets will be officially worthless Monday. Central Bank invalidates all Russian and former Soviet currency issued before 1993.

Relive the shock and confusion of the 1993 Russian monetary reform, when the government suddenly announced that some cash in citizens’ pockets would be officially worthless within days. Our rare footage captures the chaos and uncertainty of this stunning move, as the Central Bank invalidated all Russian and former Soviet currency issued before 1993. Witness the dramatic impact on everyday citizens and businesses, as they scrambled to exchange their old banknotes for new ones. This is a must-see archive for anyone interested in the history of financial crises and the challenges of economic reform.

a list of some of the important political events that took place in the Kremlin in 1993:

  1. January 1, 1993: The Constitution of the Russian Federation comes into effect.
  2. March 17, 1993: Boris Yeltsin delivers a speech in the Kremlin denouncing the Supreme Soviet and ordering the dissolution of the parliament.
  3. March 20-21, 1993: The 1993 Russian constitutional crisis begins, as the parliament refuses to recognize Yeltsin’s decree and barricades itself inside the White House.
  4. June 12, 1993: Russia holds its first presidential elections, with Boris Yeltsin winning in the first round.
  5. July 4, 1993: Russian military forces, backed by tanks and armored vehicles, storm the White House and put an end to the constitutional crisis.
  6. September 21, 1993: Boris Yeltsin addresses the United Nations General Assembly from the Kremlin.
  7. December 11, 1993: Russia adopts a new constitution, which strengthens the power of the presidency and weakens the power of the parliament.

In 1991, the Soviet Union, one of the world’s most powerful and influential nations, underwent a momentous breakup that reshaped the geopolitical landscape.

The dissolution of the Soviet Union marked the end of a superpower and the birth of several independent nations. This event is best illustrated through a historical lens, depicting the crumbling of the Soviet empire and the emergence of newly formed countries.

One can visualize the fall of the Berlin Wall, symbolizing the reunification of East and West Germany, and the subsequent wave of revolutions across Eastern Europe, such as the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia and the Baltic Way protest.

Furthermore, a visual representation can include the signing of the Belavezha Accords, the agreement among the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus that declared the Soviet Union ceased to exist. Finally, the image of the lowering of the Soviet flag at the Kremlin and the raising of the Russian tricolor serves as a poignant symbol of the end of an era.

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