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the Kursk submarine Footage on Rescue operation recovery Saga

The tragic incident of the Kursk submarine occurred in August 2000. The recovery operations for the Kursk submarine were extensive and complex, with the Northern Fleet’s rescue ship “Altai” playing a significant role. Teams carry

footage, newsreel, stock footage, video rights

Gaddafi’s Libya Exclusive Interview Footage on Israeli-Palestinian peace

Videos featuring Gaddafi from Russian Video Archives, invcluding his rare interview on Israeli-Palestinian peace

footage, historical, Israeli-Palestinian, newsreel

BN Footage from 1995-1998 – 2006

BN14 (Б), a digitized a Beta SP tape from TVDATA collection featuring Space Mission Chronological footage of the MIR space station (1995-98) showing cosmonauts performing repairs in open space. BN43 Footage duration: 13:38 Footage includes

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