footage and interviews related to the May Day parade in Moscow in 1992, it is possible that has a collection of such material. is a provider of television content and data, including archives of various television programs and events. However, it is recommended to contact them directly or visit their website to verify if they have the specific content you are looking for.

Footage of The Great Divide – Labour Day in Moscow 1992 & the Clash of Communist & Capitalist Ideologies

Footage and interviews related to the May Day parade in Moscow in 1992.Labour Day in Moscow 1992 was a turning point in Russia’s history, as the country grappled with the transition from a communist to a capitalist system. The exclusive footage of the May Day Parade captures the clash of communist and capitalist ideologies, revealing a society deeply divided on the future direction of the country.

Discover the Epic Story of ‘Homer’: Rare Footage of the Soviet Mi-12 Heavy Transport Helicopter

The Mi-12, also known as V-12 in the USSR, was a marvel of Soviet engineering, shrouded in secrecy and designed to surpass any previous helicopter’s lifting capacity. With its fixed wings and two Mi-6 rotors mounted at the ends of outrigger wings, the Mi-12 was one of the largest and most powerful helicopters ever built, capable of carrying up to 120 passengers. Powered by four Soloviev D-25VF turboshaft engines, the helicopter had a unique eight-blade rotor and was nicknamed “Homer” by NATO. Despite its impressive capabilities, only three prototypes were built, and the helicopter never entered production. Today, historical footage of the Mi-12 remains a valuable window into Soviet aviation and engineering history. At our website, we offer rare and exclusive footage of the Mi-12 and other significant moments in aviation history for purchase. [email protected]

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