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Footage of The Soviet ballistic missile submarines, known as the Delta-class (NATO reporting name), were equipped with long-range nuclear missiles capable of striking targets around the world. These submarines were an integral part of the Soviet Union’s nuclear deterrence strategy.

1998 Navy S-300 military anti-aircraft missile system Assisting Submarine Russian Footage

Immerse yourself in the high-tech world of a Russian Navy submarine with our captivating stock video footage showcasing control panel sonar graphs. Step aboard and witness the advanced technology used to monitor the underwater environment. These mesmerizing graphs provide real-time data and visual representations of acoustic signals, allowing submariners to detect and track objects in their vicinity. With intricate waveforms and dynamic displays, these control panels demonstrate the precision and sophistication of Russian naval operations. Experience the intensity and strategic vigilance of submarine warfare with our exclusive stock video footage of control panel sonar graphs on a Russian Navy submarine.

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Dive into the captivating world of Soviet submarines with our exclusive collection of footage from 1999. Uncover the hidden mysteries and discover the strategic role these submarines played during the Cold War. From the powerful Delta-class ballistic missile submarines to the stealthy Akula-class attack submarines, witness their might and technological advancements. Explore their operations in coastal defense, reconnaissance, and anti-shipping missions in the littoral zones. Don’t miss this opportunity to license this rare footage for an immersive experience into the history of Soviet naval power.

This stock footage shows a dramatic countdown sequence of a nuclear missile launch from a Russian submarine

The footage includes close-ups of the submarine commander and the senior missile officer receiving the launch order, opening the sealed envelope with the launch data, and pressing the launch buttons. It also shows the missile silo opening, the missile ejecting out of the water, and the missile flying in the sky.

The video is accompanied by realistic sound effects and a tense music score.

This footage is ideal for documentaries, movies, TV shows, or video games that deal with topics such as nuclear weapons, war, geopolitics, or history. You can buy this footage and more at, the leading website for high-quality videos from Russia and Eastern Europe.

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