Video for Licensing Events Related to the Life & Death of Vlad Listyev up to 1995

Stock Footage for Licensing: Events Related to the Death of Vlad Listyev in 1995

We offer a collection of footage that captures various events related to the tragic death of Vlad Listyev. He was a prominent Russian television presenter, in 1995. You can license this footage for use in various productions, such as documentaries, news segments, or educational videos, to provide a glimpse into the political climate of Russia in the mid-1990s.

Stock footage collection features rare historic footage related to the tragic events surrounding Russian television personality, Vlad Listyev.

Our collection includes footage from the day of Listyev’s funeral in 1995, featuring a large crowd of mourners gathered outside his flat building, speeches from Boris Yeltsin and Dmitry Kiselev, and footage of the funeral procession.

We also have footage from the day of Listyev’s murder, including scenes from his home, his funeral, and a memorial service held at the Ostankino television center. In addition, our collection includes rare footage of Listyev himself, hosting popular Russian television programs such as “Polе Chudes” and “Chas Pik”.

Our footage also features coverage of other prominent figures who passed away during this period, including politician Sergei Kholodov and journalist Dmitry Likhodey. We have footage from Kholodov’s funeral, as well as interviews with colleagues and friends of Likhodey.

All of our stock footage is available for licensing worldwide at high resolution. Our collection is perfect for use in documentaries, news reports, historical retrospectives, and other projects that require authentic and unique footage related to these important events in Russian history.

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Footage includes scenes from Listyev’s funeral

The footage includes scenes from Listyev’s funeral, which attracted a large crowd of mourners outside his flat, as well as speeches from Russian President Boris Yeltsin and journalist Dmitry Kiselev, who commented on Listyev’s impact on the media landscape. The coverage also shows how Listyev’s murder shocked the nation and led to a wave of public outcry and media scrutiny.

Clips from TV programs such as “Chas Pik” and “Pole Chudes,” which Listyev hosted

In addition, the collection features clips from TV programs such as “Chas Pik” and “Pole Chudes,” which Listyev hosted, as well as the mourning processions and ceremonies that followed his death. The footage captures the somber mood of the occasion, as people laid flowers and candles in front of Listyev’s apartment and waited in long lines to pay their respects at Ostanikino, the main broadcasting center in Moscow.

Moreover, the collection includes scenes from the funerals of other victims of violence in 1995, such as Dmitry Holodov, a journalist investigating corruption, and Vladislav Listyev, a businessman who was allegedly linked to organized crime. These events shed light on the dangers and challenges faced by journalists and public figures in the turbulent era of post-Soviet Russia.

Our stock footage collection offers a unique perspective on the cultural, social, and political events of the mid-1990s in Russia.

Videos of Lesnevskaya, the co-founder of the TV-6 network in Russia, addressing President Yeltsin

By licensing this footage, you can enhance your productions with authentic and compelling visuals that convey the historical context and emotional impact of these events. Contact us today to learn more about licensing options and pricing.

Elena Lesnevskaya may have said to Boris Yeltsin in a direct address.

Elena Lesnevskaya may have said to Boris Yeltsin in a direct address. Lesnevskaya was a media executive and co-founder of the TV-6 network in Russia, and Yeltsin was the first President of the Russian Federation, so it’s possible that they had occasion to interact or communicate during Yeltsin’s presidency.

Public record of what Lesnevskaya said addressign Yeltsin

Berezovsky & Lesnevskaya business figures Russia the 1990s & early 2000s APPEAL DIRECTLY TO Yeltsin

Boris Nikolayevich I appeal directly to you

00:00.0 – 00:59.0 2 ru-ru 0.94 Boris Nikolayevich I appeal directly to you I know who killed Vlad after you signed the decree on the beginning of NTV in November 1993, in my opinion It was wildly indignant How can I talk to you like that On November 7, at your dacha during the shooting with Eldar, you swear to me that we will have alternative independent television where all independent television companies can come and make independent television, and suddenly one television company gets its hands behind which they stand

45 3 minutes. 1995. Funeral of Vlad Listyev, many people at his flat. Speech by Yeltsin, Kiselyov, and the editorial staff of the “Chas Pik” program. 47 30 minutes. 1995. Murder of Vlad Listyev. His home, staircase. Funeral. Speech by Yeltsin, interview with Kiselyov. Mourners at the TV center. 253 30 minutes. Berezovsky and Lisnyanskaya on Vlad Listyev. Speeches on television. 308 March 1995. Murder of Vlad Listyev. Title sequence of the “Chas Pik” program. Portrait of Listyev, flowers. Listyev hosting the program – for a few seconds. Excerpts from the “Field of Miracles” and “Chas Pik” programs. Listyev’s murder. People on the street with candles – Listyev’s funeral. Memorial service, queue to Ostankino. People laying flowers at the entrance. 256 30 minutes. Moscow. Palace of Youth. Funeral of Holodov. MK – in the editorial office. Gusev on Holodov. Funeral of Likhodey. Requiem, memorial service. Aushev, Gromov. Ostankino. In connection with Listyev. People at the TV center.

00:59.0 – 01:32.0 1 ru-ru 0.92 the whole channel I called I ate I cried I sobbed I explained to her that you were set up again I don’t know whether it played a role or something else or someone suggested to you but you stopped your order before agreeing on all the main in general, eight hours later, Igor Malashenko, the director, called me

A transcription of a conversation or interview

01:33.0 – 02:32.0 1 ru-ru 0.94 channel NTV and said it you did say I don’t know or not I put you on hand to see goose I say I don’t know if he wants to see me Let him come to ren-tv Gusinsky snatched the phone very politely almost affectionately said that he could not come to me and very much asked that all independent television companies come and here we are Vlad Listyev. I am Irena Lesnevskaya 83 Vishnevsky Andrey Razbash Anatoly Malkin all those who are doing today on Channel One OTV, Ren-tv and kind of arrived in Usinsk. for 40 minutes run around the room go shouting that one woman was not read work institutes

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