Stock Footage for 2008 Movie film GET SMART

At TVDATA media, we have hours of stock footage featuring Moscow city from various angles and times. Below scenes, we licensed for an American action spy comedy film directed by Peter Segal. Moscow’s videos in HD FOR GET SMART 2008 movie features Moskva river embankment views.

We provided footage for 2008 Movie film GET SMART 

We have a camera crew operating a drone and producing aerial footage. In many cases, drone filming in Moscow, the Russian capital, requires permission from local authorities. Thus, filming with a drone is best scheduled in advance, given enough time to obtain the necessary paperwork. Below, we post some video examples of drone aerial shooting in various locations. For example, the Moscow International Business Center, referred to as Moscow City Centre or Moskva – City, is a picturesque drone flight place.

Moscow International Business Center from Above #Aerial Filming & Photography #TVDATA #DroneFootage
TVDATA Camera Crew Operating Phantom 4 drone and Professional video equipment filming in 4k high resolution.
Captivating #MoscowAerialFootage Krasnopresnenskaya embankment Iconic Bridge Drone #StunningViews

Our professional drone video crew is based in Moscow, but can travel to various locations across Russia and nearby territories. The team can take about eight different angles in one day, which constitutes approximately eight to ten hours of work. These video shots or angles are known as the drone takes. For example, below are some videos where our Camera Crew operates a drone across Russia. Also, we include some clips featuring aerials in Europe.


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