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Andrei Andreyevich Gromyko was a Soviet Belarusian communist politician during the Cold War. He met Joe Biden in 1988 in Soviet Moscow.

Historical stock videos of political meetings in Moscow

Footage from the official reception in the Kremlin. At that time, Yeltsin noticed that Bill Clinton’s wife Hillary did not let him drink. Bill, in principle, liked to “take a bite”, but Hillary held him back. Bill had almost water in his glass. Boris Nikolayevich gave the command to his guys to set a table in … the toilet. Of course, the toilet in the Kremlin is unusual.

Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin and Bill Clinton drank in the Kremlin’s toilet.

Historical stock videos of political meetings in Moscow.  Colourful footage of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton drinking wine and champagne with Boris Yeltsin and members of Russia’s establishment in the Moscow Kremlin.



On TVDATA YouTube channels, you can preview other historical stock videos from Moscow meetings. We publish video clips with our logo for preview purposes only. 

Historical stock videos of political meetings in Moscow, including unique footage of Mohammed Zahir Shah in Russia. You can license any video clip from our featured stock video collection

TVDATA Russian Stock Footage Collection: Leaders of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia attending official meetings and ceremonial events in the Moscow Kremlin. 

Nursultan Nazarbayev, Former President of Kazakhstan in Kremlin.

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