Filming locations to record an interview in Moscow

Here we give some vital tips to find outdoor filming locations to record an interview in Moscow. First, it is vital to know how many participants are in a filming debate or an interview recording. Second, whether it is a multi-camera live broadcast filming or a simple shooting with one cameraman and one professional camera.

Locations for filming to record an interview in Moscow

Outdoor film locations are often noisy and therefore you ideally need to have a soundproof microphone.

You can also interview someone in our broadcast studio located in Central Moscow. The pavilion is moment from Zvetnoi Bulvar Metro station and about 15 min walk to Kremlin. Our Studio cameraman can also mix audio channels and edit videos. on a go.

Video conference with a  Moscow backdrop

Filming Locations In Moscow

Organising interviews and filming permissions for various filming including commercials.

At TVDATA we also provide producer services and organising interviews in Moscow or anywhere in Russian speaking territories.  For this occasion, the shooting is for a German Vlogging Channel on a geopolitical topic. Therefore, we set up a video Interview with a Russian State Duma Candidate, Georgy Fedorov.

Our cameraman has a High-speed uninterrupted camera Sony a7 III filming of up to 10fps​ with 4K movie recording power.

Behind the scenes of filming in Moscow
Behind the scenes of filming in Moscow
150 sq.m Purpose-built Broadcast studio offers multi-camera live broadcast suitable for a reporter or a host with several guests. Live Video Productions studio Located in central Moscow.