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1981 Soviet Union Lifestyle: Video Footage of Soviet Citizens Reveling in New Year’s Champagne Festivities

This footage presents the 1981 Soviet Union population lifestyle and habits. At the time, The Soviet Union maintained a “shortage economy” where consumption is restricted in favour of the State investment. Video of Soviet consumers enjoying champagne for the New Year Celebration. On October 4, 1957, the Soviet Sputnik satellite blasted into space. A Russian satellite has been launched into space; it is the first man-made object ever to. Purchase Link: True HD direct film transfer Newsreels 1957, October 7 Soviet Union – Reds Launch. This 1950s newsreel contains a great deal of original Soviet film footage from the Sputnik I program, including animation that describes how the satellite was. Link to order this clip: Historic.

1981 USSR Lifestyle: Footage of Soviet consumers enjoying champagne for the New Year Celebration

1957 Soviet Sputnik satellite launched into space, Russian Stock Footage

The Soviet economy embraces some 57 industries. Meanwhile, the scant data indicate wide differences in pay scales between various sectors of the economy. Personnel in the extractive, energy-producing and heavy industries are at the top of the wage scale. Low average wages continue to be paid in light industry (e.g., textiles, footwear, and garment production) and food processing enterprises.

1981 Soviet population habits & lifestyle. USSR party chief Leonid Brezhnev. Black/White footage

Vintage Video Footage: Experience the Charm of Authentic Soviet New Year Celebrations

Immerse yourself in a captivating collection of genuine Soviet-era footage.

These videos showcase the heart-warming traditions and vibrant spirit of New Year’s Eve celebrations in the USSR. Relive the enchanting moments and the joyful atmosphere as families and friends come together to revel in the simple pleasures of Soviet life. Our exclusive video clips transport you back to 1981. We offer a rare glimpse into the lives of Soviet citizens as they indulge in the iconic pairing of Soviet champagne and Olivier salad. Watch as the bubbly champagne, a symbol of hope and excitement for the year ahead, flows freely among cheerful partygoers. Savor the sights and sounds of families preparing and sharing the beloved Olivier salad, a scrumptious medley of diced vegetables, meats, and mayonnaise that remains an inseparable part of the festivities.

Sovetskoye Shampanskoye. A brand of fizzy wine produced in the Soviet Union and a must-have for a New Year Party.
Sovetskoye Shampanskoye, Fizzy wine Brand produced in the Soviet Union and a must-have for a New Year Party

This captivating footage serves as a nostalgic reminder of the resilience and joy found in the simple, yet cherished traditions of the Soviet Union

Whether you’re a historian, filmmaker, or simply a curious individual, our video collection offers an invaluable insight into a bygone era. Embrace the magic of Soviet New Year celebrations, and let the striking visuals and poignant stories in our footage transport you back in time. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of history – explore our exclusive collection today!