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Anatoly Karpov CHESS tournaments legend: Master Moves: Exclusive Chess Footage Collection

Documentary on Anatoly Karpov – a living legend of chess. He dominated the world of chess for over a decade, and he is the largest winner of tournaments in the history of chess, with more than 160 due tournaments. Stock footage videos and interviews with Anatoly Karpov, Soviet, Russian legendary chess champion. 

Anatoly Karpov is considered the best positional player in the history of chess. He is the creative artist of countless games, considered true works of art.

Title: Anatoly Karpov: A Chess Legend

Introduction: Anatoly Karpov, a living legend of chess, dominated the world of chess for over a decade. With more than 160 tournament victories to his name, Karpov holds the record for the most tournament wins in chess history. This documentary explores Karpov’s incredible career through stock footage videos and exclusive interviews with the Soviet and Russian chess champion.

Chapter 1: Early Life and Chess Beginnings Discover Anatoly Karpov’s humble beginnings in Zlatoust, Russia, and learn how his passion for chess was ignited at an early age. Hear personal stories and anecdotes from Karpov himself, as well as friends and family, that shed light on his formative years and the development of his extraordinary talent.

Rising Star Follow Karpov’s rapid rise through the ranks of Soviet and international chess.

From his victory at the World Junior Chess Championship to his ascent to the title of Grandmaster, witness the dedication, discipline, and strategic brilliance that characterized his early career and set the stage for future successes.

Chapter 3: World Champion Relive Karpov’s crowning moment in 1975. He became the 12th World Chess Champion after Bobby Fischer forfeited the title. Explore the impact of this monumental event on Karpov’s career and the world of chess. Delve into the fierce rivalry between Karpov and Fischer that would endure for years to come.

Chapter 4: The Karpov-Kasparov Rivalry Dive into the epic rivalry between Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov, one of the most iconic and intense rivalries in chess history. Experience the drama, tension, and high-stakes matches that defined their legendary battles for the World Chess Championship.

Chapter 5: Post-World Championship Career Examine Karpov’s life and career after losing the World Chess Championship to Garry Kasparov in 1985. Discover his continued success in international tournaments, his dedication to promoting and teaching chess, and his influence on a new generation of chess players.

Chapter 6: Legacy and Impact Reflect on Anatoly Karpov’s enduring legacy in the world of chess and beyond.

Hear from fellow chess legends, experts, and admirers as they discuss Karpov’s impact on the game. Learn about his lasting contributions to chess strategy, education, and culture.

Anatoly Karpov’s extraordinary career, spanning over four decades, has left an indelible mark on the history of chess. Through his tenacious spirit, incredible talent, and unwavering dedication, Karpov has inspired countless chess players and enthusiasts around the world. This documentary celebrates the life and achievements of Anatoly Karpov, a true living legend of chess.

Anatoly Karpov CHESS tournaments video clips 

Video interviews with Chess legend Anatoly Karpov, footage from his chess tournaments

I had serious problems with sleep, nervous overload affected. Sooner or later, all chess players have these problems. The third month of the match was coming to an end, we worked for another five months before the match, almost without rest. Can you imagine that all eight months we were looking at the board, at these cells and figures

Footage from 1995 Russian elections featuring Anatoly Karpov participating in political campaign.

Rare footage from various years immortalizes Anatoly Karpov, a World Chess Champion and chess legend. For fans and aspiring players, these films display his impressive skills and provide invaluable insights.

Known for his solid positional play and exceptional endgame skills, Karpov has made numerous memorable moves throughout his career. Here are some examples of his most effective moves:

A.Karpov vs. Viktor Korchnoi, World Championship Match 1978, Game 17

In this game, Karpov demonstrated his exceptional technique by playing the surprising move 17… Qd3. This move exploited a pin on the d-file, leading to the capture of Korchnoi’s d4 pawn. Ultimately, it helps Karpov win the game.

Karpov vs. Garry Kasparov, World Championship Match 1984, Game 7

In this famous encounter, Karpov played 36. Rb7, sacrificing his rook temporarily to create a passed pawn. This passed pawn became a significant threat, and Kasparov could not stop it from advancing, which ultimately led to Karpov’s victory in the game.

Karpov vs. Ulf Andersson, Linares, 1994: Karpov played a beautiful combination starting with 19. Nxe6, sacrificing his knight to expose the black king’s vulnerability. Karpov followed this with a series of precise moves, culminating in a stunning queen sacrifice (23. Qxg6+) that led to checkmate.

He is a master at playing chess, as demonstrated in these examples. Karpov played countless impressive games throughout his career, with many instructive and beautiful moves to study and appreciate.

Discover Anatoly Karpov’s perspectives on political issues in this exclusive video interview. Speech while he campaigns in 1995 starts at 06’37”

Sergey Baburin, a deputy, said that if he takes something seriously, his mood and position are positive. He believes that it is fair and legal to preserve the South Kuril Islands as an integral part of Russia. Deputy Baburin raised the question of confidence in the government, asking if it is possible to change their domestic and foreign policy through parliamentary means and adjust the activities of the executive branch. If they can, they will maintain civil peace; if not, it will be a complete disaster. Power to the people is a real alternative, and he wants everyone to be together and play a role in shaping Russia’s future. He will always support each one of them. [music] 06:37.

A. Karpov speaking During 1995 Election in Russia from 06:37
  1. Karpov vs. Korchnoi: The 1978 World Chess Championship Match The 1978 World Chess Championship between Anatoly Karpov and Viktor Korchnoi was full of controversy. The match took place in the Philippines, and it was marked by psychological warfare, political tensions, and bizarre incidents. Korchnoi, a Soviet defector, faced immense pressure from the Soviet chess establishment and Karpov, the reigning world champion.
  2. FIDE’s Decision in the 1984 World Chess Championship Match The 1984 World Chess Championship match between Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov became one of the longest and most controversial championship matches in chess history. After 48 games, with Karpov leading 5-3, FIDE President Florencio Campomanes abruptly declared the match abandoned without a winner, citing concerns for the players’ health. Many speculated that this decision was made to protect Karpov, who was visibly exhausted and losing momentum.
  3. Karpov’s Ties to the Soviet Government Anatoly Karpov’s close relationship with the Soviet government has been a subject of controversy over the years. As a favorite of the Soviet chess establishment, Karpov received significant support, including access to top-level coaching, privileges, and financial incentives. Critics argue that his success was partly due to the backing of the Soviet system, which aimed to maintain the nation’s dominance in chess.
  4. The 1993 FIDE Presidential Election In 1993, Anatoly Karpov ran for the presidency of FIDE against incumbent President Florencio Campomanes. The election was fraught with allegations of vote-buying, corruption, and political maneuvering. Campomanes ultimately withdrew from the race, and Karpov was declared the winner. However, the controversies surrounding this election contributed to a split in the world of chess, with Kasparov and Nigel Short breaking away to form the rival Professional Chess Association (PCA).
  5. Accusations of Cheating Throughout his career, Karpov faced accusations of receiving assistance during his games, either through signals from his coaches or by using hidden communication devices. While no concrete evidence was ever produced to substantiate these claims, the rumors fueled heated debates and added an extra layer of intrigue to his matches.

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