Looking to film news or other content in the Russian Territories (CIS)?

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Looking to film news or other content in the Russian Territories (CIS)? Look no further than TVDATA, a unique media company dedicated to supporting TV and production companies. Our experienced team, based in the CIS, provides film crew, equipment, studio and location services, as well as unrivaled access to comprehensive and often rare archives that will enhance your report, film, or documentary. With our extensive collection of stock footage from Russian-speaking territories, TVDATA offers a valuable resource to enrich your storytelling.

ABOUT TVDATA STOCK FOOTAGE COLLECTION At TVDATA, we believe in the power of video to preserve history and unlock the stories of the past. Our team has decades of experience in video production and post-production, working with leading news and sports broadcasters such as Euro News, France24, and Sky Sports Italy. We understand the value of original content and have built a vast archive of historical footage from past events that holds significant cultural and historical value.

Vast Collection Of Current & Archival Stock Footage From Russian-Speaking Territories Our stock footage collection includes a wide range of content from the Russian-speaking territories, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and more.

These countries offer diverse landscapes, rich cultural traditions, and historical significance. From bustling cities to stunning natural wonders, our footage captures the essence of these regions, providing you with a comprehensive resource to enhance your projects.

EXPERIENCE THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE WITH TVDATA’S UNCUT FOOTAGE With TVDATA, you have the freedom to choose uncut footage, allowing you to create your own narrative and bring your vision to life. Our unique and historical footage enables you to tell your story in a way that resonates with your audience. By selecting from our vast collection of rare and captivating footage, you can unleash your creativity and unlock a world of possibilities.

Uncover The Past And Present With TVDATA’s Extensive Archive Visit our YouTube channel, TVDATA.TV, to preview a selection of our extensive stock footage collection from the Russian-speaking territories. From historical events to everyday life, our archive offers a window into the past and present of this culturally rich region. Join us in uncovering the stories that shaped history and continue to shape the future.

Choose TVDATA for a seamless and successful filming experience in the CIS, backed by our expertise in media production, access to rare archives, and commitment to preserving and sharing the captivating stories of the Russian-speaking territories. Explore our website now to discover the full extent of our stock footage collection and embark on a visual journey that will enhance your productions.