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Filming in Russia in July 2018 during the FIFA World Cup

Do you plan to film the football tournament- FIFA World Cup 2018 held in Russia?

At TVDATA, we have a professional team, including television produces, video engineers, cameramen, as well as fixers and translators ready to assist you during your filming in Russia.

FIFA World Cup 2018 will be held in 11 cities and 12 stadiums in Russia.

We can provide you with a bilingual television producer who speaks English and Russian fluently. TV producer can coordinate and oversees various aspects of your video production. If you are filming a television program, interviews, news or a feature story our producer will be of great help.  For example, a producer can suggest various filming locations and take pre-production pictures. You can pitch filming location to the television networks in advance. Also, a producer will focus on your business matters, such as outline your possible budget and sub-options for video and audio equipment rentals, technical sub-contractors.

One of the Arenas is in Rostov-on-Don. The stadium is built on a bank of the Don River and is a home for FC Rostov. We have a cameraman and a producer locally in Rostov city.  If you book with us in advance we can guarantee the quality of your television production. Rostov team recently produced a sports documentary for sports channel.