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Data Accuracy Liability & the digitization of Extensive Analog Tapes Archive

At TVDATA, we’re excited to announce that we have embarked on a significant project to digitize our entire archive of analog Betacam SP tapes, which spans up until the year 2015. The tapes in our collection come from various sources, providing a rich and diverse range of content. This bulk digitization process allows us to offer faster delivery of high-quality footage to our valued clients.

However, this process also comes with certain legal and ethical responsibilities. Specifically, our footage often includes close-ups or interviews involving individuals for whom we do not possess individual model releases. As per Russian copyright law, the rights to such content can be claimed by the models or directors involved for up to 70 years after the content’s creation. You can read more about this aspect of Russian copyright law on our website. This aspect is reflected in the pricing of our digitized footage. Our commitment to adhering to copyright laws and ethical practices necessitates added measures, but we believe they are crucial to providing our clients with high-quality, legally sound footage.

Dive into our digitized Footage from Betacam SP tapes archive, complete with carefully extracted descriptions.

Note that while we strive for accuracy, due to the historical and varied nature of our tapes, descriptions may not always be perfectly precise.

Experience Our Digitized Footage from the Betacam SP Tapes, Accompanied by Detailed Descriptions. Please Be Aware of Our Data Accuracy Liability Policy.

As part of our promise to deliver high-grade, digitized footage, we make a concerted effort to provide accurate descriptions of the Digital Video Content from our analog Betacam SP tapes archive. However, due to the vastness and diversity of our collection, absolute precision in the descriptions, including details about places (e.g., towns, villages) and event narratives, cannot be guaranteed.

Navigating Through the Digital Conversion of Our Extensive Analog Betacam SP Tape Archive

As part of our commitment to delivering top-quality, digitized footage, we are painstakingly working to provide as precise descriptions as possible of the content in our analog Betacam SP tapes archive. However, given the vast and diverse nature of our archive, we cannot guarantee absolute precision in the descriptions of the places and content featured in the footage. We extract this information to the best of our ability, referencing the footage, video metadata, handwritten notes on the tape covers, and any accompanying documentation. While this process is thorough, it’s important to note that some discrepancies or inaccuracies might occasionally occur due to the age and diverse sources of these tapes. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

The process of extracting this information involves careful reference to the footage itself, video metadata, handwritten notes on tape covers, and any available documentation.

Despite our thorough efforts, there may be occasional discrepancies or inaccuracies owing to the historical nature and varied sources of these tapes. This falls under our ‘Data Accuracy Liability’ clause as outlined in our licensing agreement. We appreciate your understanding and adherence to this policy.

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