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Lake Baikal Documentary

We publish a useful guide to filming in Russia in extreme conditions like Lake Baikal. The documentary shooting took place on the second of January 2016. It lasted several days in extreme weather conditions. It was minus twenty to minus thirty degrees Celsius with few sunlight hours over the short winter day.

Filming in Russia in extreme conditions like Lake Baikal
Filming in Russia in extreme conditions like Lake Baikal

Russia is an enormous country offering a wealth of diverse locations, climates, zones, and landscapes. media assisted several high-profile international films and documentaries that have used Russia as a base for their filming. Here we present a filming expedition to Stunning Lake Baikal.

While filming in the Russian Federation, foreign crews need to acquire the correct local or federal government permits. Thus, videography in Russia can often prove challenging. TVDATA media experienced professional bilingual producers are ready to assist you. It is not illegal to film on the streets. That is why t is recommended that any exterior shoots be recorded by local police. Therefore, we guarantee that you do not encounter disruption to your shooting schedule.

Bilingual video producer in Russia