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Video licensing agreement

you can print our licensing agreement by following this link

TVDATA LTD provides a Licensing Agreement for using stock footage from our collections. Videos license is a contract between two parties. The Licensor is TVDATA LTD, a legal entity, and a Licensee – a company or a person. The Licensor grants the Licensee the right to use a video clip or a video sequence in High resolution or/ and an ability to sell final production with the video sequence included. In other words, a TVDATA video Licensing Agreement grants the Licensee the ability to use intellectual property owned by the Licensor.

Vast collection of current & archival footage from Russian-speaking territories for WorldWide Licensing

We understand that the future is gold, but the past is platinum. We help you to discover video treasures in our original content video archive. Please share links with the rest of the world. We preserve historical footage from past and present events that have significant value and might be re-used later.

Combining Clips Across Platforms

In our commitment to offer both flexibility and value, TVDATA.TV has developed a unique pricing table. This tool allows you to combine clips across our platforms, creating a tailored package that suits your specific needs.

When we refer to ‘generic footage’, we mean footage that captures broad scenes, activities, or landscapes without focusing on specific individuals, private properties, or intimate interviews. This type of footage is more universally usable, as it does not intrude on personal privacy or require explicit releases from identifiable subjects or property owners. By leveraging generic footage, you can enrich your video content while ensuring it remains universally distributable and free from legal complications.

property release for a video clip

Navigating the maze of property release for commercial video usage can be daunting. At TVDATA.TV, we make it simple. From identifying owners and drafting agreements to negotiating terms, securing consents, and maintaining records, we transform complexity into clarity to safeguard your creative liberties.

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