At TVDATA, we have an extensive Stock Footage collection on professional video formats. Among other footage, we have Russian KREMLIN INTERIORS VIDEO on formats ranging from film tapes to HD. TVDATA licenses Soviet footage digitized from Betacam SP tapes to HD format 1920 X 1080. Here we present a collection of videos you can license immediately in SD or HD. All of these video files are featuring Moscow Kremlin.

Moscow Kremlin Aerial Views filmed in the middle of 1990th.

This is a unique “before drone” video. It originates on Betacam SP format and stored at our archival collection under the number: L404. In addition,  it exists in digital format as a 10-bit uncompressed file in avi. and mov.  It’s rare stock footage of Moscow Kremlin filmed from a Helicopter in mid 1990th. There was no drone aerial filming in 90th. Thus it is filmed from a helicopter.


This stock footage video is available for licensing worldwide. An aerial view of Kremlin and central Moscow incl. Moscow State University of late 1990th. A helicopter is Flying over Central Moscow zooming on Kremlin governmental buildings. Among other landmarks of Moscow, this video presents Ostankino TV Tower, Kremlin cathedral and Sobornaya square. Besides, there is an aerial view of Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow State University building, football stadium and more.

TVDATA Russian Stock Footage Collection also includes archival videos. For example, Kremlin during Soviet times when official residence hosts various Soviet and Russian politicians.  As an example, we have black and white footage of Brezhnev meeting foreign politicians in Kremlin, Russia

At TVDATA Media we also provide professional camera crew services in Russia. Therefore, you can hire a cameraman who is specialised in drone aerial filming.

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