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Choose any Video from TVDATA’s collection of Footage

At TVDATA, we redefine the concept of stock footage. Unlike traditional libraries offering pre-cut clips, we put you in control. You select the exact length and timing, ensuring the perfect fit for your project.

Our unique approach provides you with the ultimate creative freedom. Our highly skilled team diligently curates our high-quality footage collection, ensuring every clip meets our strict standards.

With TVDATA, it’s not just about providing footage, it’s about empowering your creativity and ensuring your vision’s successful realization. Trust in TVDATA – where precision, flexibility, and high-quality footage converge.

Documentary Film on Chernobyl catastrophe

Discover the haunting legacy of the Chernobyl catastrophe through our exclusive collection of licensed stock footage and videos, prominently featured on the Sky channel. Our archive boasts a rare selection of interviews with key politicians,

Inside Butyrka Prison in Moscow

Get ready for a heart-pounding exploration as we take you on an exclusive journey Inside Butyrka Prison. Witness the reality of inmate life with our riveting footage that peels back the curtain on this notorious


With no pre-cuts, our unique historical footage lets you create your own story and bring your vision to life. Choose from a vast collection of rare and captivating footage, including a 60-minute segment on the