Demikhov’s two-headed dog experiment

Archival video story of Vladimir Demikhov’s two-headed dogs animal experiments. Video of a soviet scientist made the first transplantation of a dog’s heart in 1952. The investigation at finding ways of replacing portions of the human body lost in injury. In 1946 Demikhov returned the whole heart and lungs of a dog without using artificial blood circulation.

 Soviet scientist Demikhov Terrifying Experiment Video Footage

Soviet scientist Demikhov Experiments on organ transplantation, a pioneer in heart-lung, replacement.

Half a century ago, back in 1952, Demikhov put the first vascular shunt on a dog’s heart. The experiment was a success. But for the Russian scientist, the bypass experiment was not the primary goal in life. Therefore, in 1954, he performed another revolutionary experiment to create a two-head dog. He grafted a puppy’s head to a full-grown pooch. Here is real-time footage of scientists observing the elder dog rejuvenation process.

Dog head transplantation shocking two-headed dogs’ experiment by Demikhov. This video is available for licensing in high resolution via Russian Stock Footage Library

During this experiment, a Soviet Scientist joined circulatory and respiratory systems of the dogs.

Stock footage of Soviet scientific experiments on animals, including Demikhov animal tests of organ transplantation.

Footage of Soviet experiments on animals

In fact, there were twenty dogs. After the operation dogs lived in the Demikhov family but not for long. He failed to solve the problem of tissue rejection, so the lifespan for conjoined dogs was only a month. Therefore, the transplanted dog received all the blood, nutrients and oxygen from the carrier dog. The purpose of the experiment was not to breed two-headed animals. It was to develop the possibility of connecting the circulatory systems. So a sick person can live on the organ system of a healthy one. Therefore, one heart works for two.

Footage of Demikhov’s two-headed dogs, Soviet experiments on animals

Russian textbooks describe the experiments of academician Ivan Pavlov. He studied the conditioned reflexes of dogs on the example of their digestion. There is even a monument erected to these dogs – the contribution of Pavlov’s experiments in the development of science. But experiments were not limited to animals – they were also set on street children, who were in abundance on the streets after the Civil War. You can read about these experiments in the books of the physiologist Nikolai Krasnogorsky.

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