Anatoli Firsov Soviet Hockey

At TVDATA media, we have original stock footage on Russian and Soviet sports, including Ice Hockey. Among other video assets, we have a documentary on Anatoli Firsov, Soviet Hockey champion. A famous Soviet hockey player who scored twelve goals during the 1968 Olympics. 

Documentary on Anatoli Firsov, Soviet Hockey champion

After his playing and coaching days were over, Firsov moved into politics and became a member of the Russian Parliament in 1990.

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SOVIET ICE HOCKEY history Sport clips Valery Kharlamov, Tretiak, goalkeeper. – YouTube

Firsov is one of the few four players to have his number retired in Soviet hockey (Bobrov, Tretiak, and Kharlamov being the others). Firsov was perhaps faster than Kharlamov, who wowed Canadian audiences with awesome speed.


Anatoli Firsov Soviet Hockey

It was Firsov’s scoring exploits that helped establish the Soviet Union’s dominance of the international hockey scene… It was revealed that Firsov had contacted Larry Regan in 1968. Regan was then the general manager of the Los Angeles Kings, and they were holding discussions concerning Firsov’s defection from the Soviet Union and playing in the National Hockey League. The arrangement fell through, as it is believed Russian authorities must have learned of this possibility. In the suppressed Communist Soviet Union, the story has never revealed until Gorbachev’s Glasnost.


In addition, we can provide Archival footage of the Soviet hockey team which come from the Russian state archive and is available for worldwide licensing.

Video interviews of FIGURE SKATING COACH TAMARA Moskvina & her partner Mishin. Soviet Nationals.

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