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fascinating true story from World War II.  Mystically the watches of all doctors stopped. WAs it an uNUsual course of time?

Many front-line soldiers who survived the bloody battles were surprised to notice that their hours were behind. Yelena Yakovlevna Zaitseva was a nurse of the Volga military flotilla. She was taking out the wounded from Stalingrad, said that when their sanitary transport ship came under fire. This moment the watches of all doctors stopped. Nobody could understand anything. And here is the candidate of technical sciences, the author of the book “What is time?” Yuri Belostotsky, comprehending this and other facts, writes: “Academicians Viktor Shklovsky and Nikolai Kardashev hypothesized that there was a delay in the development of the Universe, which amounted to about 50 billion years. I assume that during periods of global shocks as the Second World War, the usual course of time is disturbed. This is logical. Where cannons rattle, bombs explode, the regime of electromagnetic radiation changes, and time itself changes. “


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Chernobyl disaster 25–26 April 1986

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