President Putin’s powerful and reassuring statement during a critical and emotional time.

The Kursk submarine disaster took place while Vladimir Putin, born on October 7, 1952, was President of Russia. In the context of discussing the Kursk submarine, President Putin made a powerful statement: “Everything that can be done to save the boat and crew is being done by the sailors.” This message of determination and reassurance emphasizes the relentless efforts and skills of the sailors involved in the rescue operations.

Vladimir #Putin 48 years old at the time on #Kursk submarine tragedy occurred on August 12, 2000

High-Ranking Military Personnel and Technicians Examining the Top of the Kursk Submarine – Stock Video

This exclusive 4.72-second stock video captures high-ranking military personnel and technicians meticulously examining the top of the Kursk submarine. Filmed at a naval base or shipyard, this footage provides a rare and detailed look into the rigorous inspection process following the Kursk submarine disaster.

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