Macchiarini performed a transplant of an artificial trachea to patients in Russia.

Paolo Macchiarini regenerative medicine scandal footage

Paolo Macchiarini’s regenerative medicine surgery harms patients including a Russian young woman Yulia Tulik.

Video of Paolo Macchiarini and Yulia Tulik after a surgical procedure. The video and comes from a news report.

Macchiarini Surgery Killed a Young Russian woman transplanted trachea prosthesis harming the patient

Meet the mastermind revolutionizing respiratory medicine: Professor Paolo Macchiarini! With prestigious positions at both the University of Barcelona and Florence’s renowned Careggi University Clinic, Macchiarini stands at the forefront of surgical innovation. 🔬 His groundbreaking technique?

Tracheal reconstruction!

This medical maverick has successfully orchestrated nine complex tracheal surgeries across Europe in just three whirlwind years. Breathing new life into patients, Macchiarini’s work blurs the line between science and miracle. 🏥💡 Dive into a world where medical boundaries are pushed, and lives are changed forever. With Professor Macchiarini at the helm, the future of regenerative medicine is here! 🌍

Once heralded as a trailblazing innovator, Professor Paolo Macchiarini spectacularly redefined the boundaries of regenerative medicine, performing nine intricate tracheal transplants across Europe in a mere three years.

His work, initially celebrated as a miraculous fusion of science and hope, promised a new horizon for countless patients. 🏥🌟

However, the sheen of his medical breakthroughs dimmed as whispers of concern grew into alarming accusations. The awe-inspiring narrative took a grim turn as several of his patients began facing severe complications, with some succumbing to their conditions. Macchiarini, once the luminary in the limelight, found himself embroiled in controversy. ⚖️

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Professor Macchiarini presented his technique in our country and organized an internship for Russian surgeons in Italy. Besides, on December 7, 2010, he carried out an operation in Russia.

The Tragic Case of Zhadyra Iglikova: A Patient Under Paolo Macchiarini’s Care Who Underwent a Tracheal Transplant

At, we bring this poignant case to light, providing an in-depth look at the events and decisions that led to several patient deaths under Macchiarini’s care.

Our exclusive footage offers a critical view of the intersection between medical innovation and patient safety, underlining the significant impact of ethical choices in the world of medicine. Visit us at to witness this compelling story and understand the profound implications of such medical endeavors.

The Tragic Story of Zhadyra Iglikova: Undergoing Tracheal Transplantation by Paolo Macchiarin

Explore the harrowing journey of Zhadyra Iglikova, a victim of the controversial and ultimately fatal medical practices of Paolo Macchiarini, on

Our unique footage features the tragic story of Iglikova, who in December 2010, received a decellularized trachea transplant from a post-mortem donor.

Zhadyra received a decellularized trachea from a post-mortem donor in December 2010, part of an operation that was more of a spectacle aimed at attracting attention to Macchiarini's work for a Russian megagrant project

Zhadyra received a decellularized trachea from a post-mortem donor in December 2010. This video is a part of an operation that was more of a spectacle. It aimed to attract attention to Macchiarini’s work for a Russian mega grant project

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Moscow lecture of a provocative, scandal surgeon on a controversial scandalous procedure.

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The most important part of the work is the preparation of the graft. The donor trachea scaffold was cleaned of cells and made sure that it did not contain antigen proteins that could cause organ rejection. Then the doctors filled it with the patient’s cells taken from the bone marrow. These are undifferentiated cells, which in the body are to become cells of the respiratory epithelium. To help them, surgeons placed fragments of the patient’s tracheal mucosa inside the graft.

Paolo Macchiarini regenerative medicine scandal footage of tracheal reconstruction in Russia,

The next victim was a Russian woman, a 26-year-old girl from Kazakhstan, Zhadyra Iglikova. The girl was operated on by the ill-fated doctor in 2011. A few years later she began to have complications in the form of tracheal stenosis. in June 2018 she underwent a second operation, a month after which she died.

Watch the videos here for a comprehensive understanding of this complex story:

  1. Video 1 – This documentary takes you through the high-stakes world of tracheal transplants, the initial success and revolutionary potential of regenerative medicine, followed by the devastating fallout of ethical malpractice allegations.
  2. Video 2 – A deep dive into the personal and professional journey of Paolo Macchiarini, spotlighting the fine line between medical genius and ethical misconduct, and the human cost at the center of it all.

Explore different facets of the same controversial story that shook the medical world: the Paolo Macchiarini scandal.

These two compelling videos delve into the intricate details of Macchiarini’s career, the groundbreaking promise of his regenerative medicine research, and the subsequent ethical storm that engulfed him.

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“In Russia, a unique operation for the reconstruction of the trophy from a donor framework and the patient’s own cells was performed. In a 25-year-old patient, after a severe trachea injury, it narrowed and practically stopped letting air through. For the operation, they took the patient’s bone marrow cells. Her own trachea was in such a state that surgeons, with great difficulty, cut out the damaged section and beat up the glue Stella of the patient and the old tracheas took a fragment and mucous membranes; they will be useful for organ reconstruction.

The card of fears and the deceased donor was thoroughly cleaned from its cells; they immerse it in the substance of the patient’s bone marrow cells and fill it with cells from the inside. Inside the transplant, growth and differentiation factors of cells are introduced; fragments of the patient’s mucous membranes are laid inside the trachea.

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The surgical team meticulously cleaned the donor’s tracheal scaffold of all cells.

They then submerged the scaffold in the patient’s own bone marrow cells to ensure a complete coating. Afterward, they filled the interior of the scaffold with these cells. The team also introduced growth and differentiation factors into the transplant and embedded fragments of the patient’s mucous membranes within the trachea, completing the preparation for the transplant.

The ready transplant is placed inside the patient’s body and sewn in two places.

Inside the new trachea, there is a stent that dissolves over time. The operation lasted six hours. Regenerative medicine and Russian surgeons gave the patient a full life. Nadezhda Markina, Egor Mosta.”

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In the case of Paolo Macchiarini, given the controversies surrounding his medical practices, any new developments or patient testimonials would be of interest to both the public and the medical community, as well as regulatory bodies.