Burning Opium on Tajikistan Border  

Smuggling opium Tajikistan Afghanistan Border Stock Footage

Russian Police burning opium in a raid on Tajikistan, Afghanistan Border. Stock Footage Smuggling opium via Tajikistan Afghanistan Border Stock Footage, the most volatile location regarding drug trafficking, Here people report armed conflicts between border guards and drug traffickers quite often. Stock footage of significant seizures of illicit drugs and burning the opium to prevent distribution.

Burning the opium stock footage

Video Footage, Tajikistan special services seized a little more than 4.5 tons of drugs.

Drug trafficking AFGHAN-TAJIKISTAN BORDER; FOOTAGE of Russian Police burning opium frontier troops

Opium provinces near the borders with Tajikistan 

Main opiate trafficking routes through Central Asia to the Russian Federation. Moreover, Tajikistan has become an independent link in the international drug trafficking system. All Real video of heroin transportation to the markets of Central Asia and the CIS.

Smuggling opium Tajikistan Afghanistan Border Stock Footage

Video Footage featuring the main route for the transport of heroin from Afghanistan to the Russian Federation passes through Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. It is sometimes referred to as the “northeast route”. Real time video of Russian convoy burning opium on an important route which passes through Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.

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