prostitution 2002 news footage

Moscow Prostitution 2002 news footage of sexual workers in Russia.

Footage of a policeman guarding young women picked up for prostitution on the streets of Moscow. As wages have been low in Russia since the collapse of the USSR, prostitution has become a major problem. The following are royalty-free videos featuring street prostitutes in Moscow from 2002. This news story’s footage is available for licensing worldwide.

Street Prostitution in Former Soviet Republics 13 Years After USSR Breakup news footage 2002 tvdata
Prostitution videos which are digitized from Betacam SP tape PAL format 720 x 576

Prostitution existed in Moscow even when it formally did not exist. Nicholas I, Russian Royal Emperor, in 1843 legalized the prostitution by a special decree. Brothels in pre-revolutionary Moscow varied in price and prestige. For example, the so-called Arbuzovsky house – after the name of the owner – in Sukharevsky Lane was traditionally considered an economy class establishment.

Moscow Prostitution 2002 news footage

Moscow Prostitution 2002 news footage

Sexual revolution and sexual stagnation

After the February Revolution in 1917, the Public Security Committee under the Moscow City Duma decides to ban the activities of prostitutes in the city. On this, the legalized period of prostitution in Moscow was completed.

However, there was no article for prostitution in the Criminal Code of the USSR. And after the death of Stalin, this “service sector” again begins to gain momentum. A powerful impetus to this was the VI World Festival of Youth and Students, held in 1957 in Moscow. Then, for the first time in many years, many foreigners, including the wealthy, came to the capital.

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