World Cup 2018 Moscow


Filming preparation for World Cup 2018 in Petersburg Russia
TVDATA Media Services During 14 JUNE – 15 JULY 2019 

Broadcast facilities St.Petersburg, Russia during sports events.
:: Single-camera positions
:: Multi-camera anchor positions in St.Petersburg, Russia
:: Bespoke video production services in St.Petersburg
:: Dedicated facilities at stadium locations
:: Multi-format tape playout facilities
:: International delivery via satellite and fibre networks

World Cup 2018 Moscow
World Cup 2018 Moscow

TVDATA Media in Moscow has many years’ practice in providing video production services. We offer equipment, camera crew and also post-production services to international sports and news broadcasters. TVDATA delivers world-class TV production from Russia. We provide coverage, content, and filming facilities in HD 1080p, also in UHD, and 4K HDR. Additionally, we complement our clients with English speaking Video Assistant and bilingual producer service to an extensive range of media services. Our clients include Euronews, Channel 4 UK, a French television channel – France24, Sky Sports from Italy, Bavaria Films, Google Media Branch, etc.

Some of Our recent projects from Moscow and St. Petersburg. If you intend to visit Russian Federation or CIS for a filming a documentary, a feature film,  or any video production please do not hesitate to get in contact. Tel.+44-7922274952  [email protected]

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