Afghanistan Military Videos

Afghanistan Military Videos from TVDATA.TV archival collection includes royalty-free and rights-managed stock footage.

Video clips from Soviet Television featuring military campaign in Afghanistan, including Soviet Troops withdrawal process in 1970th – 1980th. The Soviet-Afghan War lasted nine years. Therefore, From December 1979 to February 1989, USSR cameramen were filing the entire process. TVDATA MEDIA stock footage video featuring the withdrawal of Soviet combat military forces from Afghanistan started on 15 May 1988. It and was successfully executed on 15 February 1989.

Besides political meetings in Kremlin related to Afghanistan

During 1989, the Soviet military forces withdrawal resumed. As a result, on January 23, 1989, USSR launched Operation Typhoon against the forces of Ahmad Shah Massoud. TVDATA has an extensive Afghanistan Military Videos Collection featuring decades of war and civil life thereafter.

Afghanistan War Videos & Royalty-free Stock Footage

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