Russian-English speaking news Producer in London

Looking for a versatile and dynamic news producer, videographer, and reporter? Look no further than our Russian-English speaking professional, based in the heart of London! With experience in multimedia production and a passion for storytelling, this talented individual is ready to bring your project to life, whether you’re looking for a dynamic video, a captivating news report, or engaging multimedia content. Available part-time and ready to travel throughout Europe and beyond, this creative force is the perfect choice for your next multimedia project. So why wait? Contact us today to learn more!

Russian-English speaking professional, based in the heart of London

The broadcast news events for the media industry. Submitting relevant broadcast media footage for news agencies across the world. ENG news camera/ Video producer and videographer available in London and throughout Europe. Fluent in Russian and English, available part-time for multimedia ad hoc assignments.

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Breaking News with Oxana S.: Your Trusted Source for Russian-English Reporting in London!

Multimedia Pro in London: Need a bilingual Russian-English news producer, videographer, and reporter? Our expert, centrally based in London, excels in multimedia production. Ready for part-time projects and travel across Europe. Contact us for top-tier content solutions.

Our digital publishing company is headquartered in Central London and caters to a global audience.

If you are searching for a Video Production Manager/Producer who has prior experience in video production and a keen interest in creating engaging content from London. Our video producer possess extensive knowledge of video editing and skilled at managing people, and possess a deep-seated passion for social media.

Our specialist is Proficient in Russian & English and therefore she is an asset London-based

We’re excited to offer the services of a talented and experienced Video Producer who’s well-equipped to take on various News broadcast companies and digital platforms. Russian-speaking specialist can work from England or other territories, including Ukraine. Based in London, this Producer is willing to travel and oversee video output of content as part of digital management. They’re also adept at streaming digital content from anywhere, even from the Russian-Ukrainian border. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with this exceptional talent!

With a focus on News coverage, digital, and television online streaming, Our Producer is well-suited to help you enhance your social media output and coordinate daily with your team to achieve your goals

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Russian-speaking News editor and video producer to cover Tensions in Armenian Azerbaijan and news from Nagorno-Karabakh