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Russian Navy

the Kursk submarine Footage on Rescue operation recovery Saga

The tragic incident of the Kursk submarine occurred in August 2000. The recovery operations for the Kursk submarine were extensive and complex, with the Northern Fleet’s rescue ship “Altai” playing a significant role. Teams carry […]

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Unseen Kursk Submarine Disaster Footage

Delve into the chilling world inside the Kursk, a Russian nuclear submarine. Here we present Control rooms to reactor compartments, torpedo rooms to crew quarters. Experience the maze-like interiors designed to survive the deep ocean’s

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Russian Navy, Anti-Piracy patrolling in the Gulf of Aden and the Somali Basin-4118,Pirates, Ships, Terrorism, Warships, Naval fleets, Gulfs, Military operations, Military alliances

Response to Sea Piracy and Terrorism Exclusive video

TVDATA.TV collection featuring Response to Sea Piracy and Terrorism Exclusive video. Stock footage available for worldwide licensing featuring Sea Pirates  and anti-terrorism operations. This is a unique stock video of a Russian response to sea

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