we provide VIDEO RESEARCH SERVICES AND STOCK FOOTAGE Licensing for Our Clients

TVDATA.TV owns and represents Russian Footage Collection from independent producers & studious. We have a wide variety of contemporary and archival footage. We have been servicing worldwide media clients for 15+ years.  Mostly researching, licensing and re-licensing Russian stock footage.

Duo Creative Communications

Our Clients work on various TV and Film projects starting from Motion Pictures to Advertisement and TV shows production.  For example, we licensed  Russian Parade Footage for a Hollywood based company  Herzog & Company  producing a documentary An Inconvenient Truth (2006)

999 Productions.LLC  for a project  Triple 9 (2016)

For this movie, we licensed Russian footage featuring criminals and mafia.

Worldview Entertainment
22.01.2015 from “Mike Davis”

Hello, I’m working as stock footage coordinator for the independent feature film “999” by Worldview Entertainment. We are looking for news “b-roll” type footage for scenes where a character is watching news reports and I hope you can help me locate some clips. Rights would be worldwide/entertainment/all media/theatrical/in perpetuity. We need current/recent “Russian mafia” footage. Here’s a list of the types of images I’m looking for: Russian mobsters/gangsters. Russian mobsters shoot-outs/deaths/assassinations. Russian mobsters being arrested/mugshots. Caches of confiscated guns and cash. Guard/attack dogs.

KAOS PICTURES for a project Get Smart (2008)

Other clients include companies from all over the world, various television and movie production companies from the United States, Canada and Europe.

Over several years, we worked with an award-winning production company Nutopia.  We researched and licensed USSR archival footage and various Soviet sport video sequences for a documentary project: The 80’s greatest.


TV Data provides distribution and research services. We can search Russian audiovisual archives and television libraries to find footage that meets your specific needs. You can send your request to We will preview videos, locate production records, investigate rights.

Our Client: Blast! Films


Media support Services in Russia  

Client: Creative Advertising agency Artek Group

An Indonesian Video Advertising Project filmed in Moscow in June 2018. Product advertised is a blend of instant coffee – Torabika cappuccino. TVDATA team provided media support for an Indonesian creative Advertising agency Artek Group.