Digital Producer in Russia

Digital Producer will research and produce stories in various formats and styles for your channel. The goal is to generate original and important multimedia content. We help you to create any video story for social media platforms. We provide digital storytelling from any part of Russia, with a strong awareness of technical and creative needs. Our team is experienced in digital production and content delivery. Besides, we can work night shifts if you need us to maintain 24/7 news production. Your onsite Russian digital producer will also fulfil any other tasks assigned in digital and other video production areas.

Digital Video Producer in Russia

We also provide a Video journalist from Russian-speaking territories to produce timely news and documentary videos. We math the best bilingual Video reporter and Producer for any channel, social media, or video team. The professionals we provide will have a background in video journalism demonstrate exceptional filming and editing skills. Russian bilingual producer video journalist will juggle many tasks and work under deadline pressure. If you are dedicated to producing news and video coverage and need local production help, we can help!

Digitising videotapes from analogue format.

 Live streaming stand-up positions in Ukrainian Border towns 

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