CSKA footage 📽️ 1976 ice hockey Soviet Cup Final

  1. 1972 Summit Series – Game 1 vs. Canada: CSKA Moscow players formed the core of the Soviet national team that faced Team Canada in the historic Summit Series. The first game, held in Montreal on September 2, 1972, ended in a 7-3 victory for the Soviet Union, showcasing the skill and prowess of CSKA Moscow players such as Valeri Kharlamov, Vladislav Tretiak, and Boris Mikhailov.
  2. 1981 Canada Cup Final vs. Canada: In the final of the 1981 Canada Cup, CSKA Moscow players once again played a significant role for the Soviet national team. They faced off against Canada in a thrilling three-game series. The final game, held in Montreal on September 15, 1981, ended in a 8-1 victory for the Soviet Union, with CSKA Moscow players contributing significantly to the win.
  3. 1987 Izvestia Tournament Final vs. NHL All-Stars: CSKA Moscow participated in the prestigious Izvestia Tournament, which often featured international teams and NHL All-Star squads. In the final of the 1987 edition, held in Moscow, CSKA Moscow faced a formidable NHL All-Star team featuring some of the best players from North America. CSKA Moscow secured a memorable victory, showcasing their skill and dominance on home ice.
  4. 1989-1990 Soviet Championship Finals: CSKA Moscow was a dominant force in Soviet ice hockey throughout its history. The team participated in numerous championship finals during this period, often facing tough competition from rival clubs such as Dynamo Moscow and SKA Leningrad. Matches from the 1989-1990 season highlight CSKA Moscow’s continued success and their ability to compete at the highest level.

footage featuring 1976 ice hockey Soviet Cup Final

CSKA Moscow frequently competed in the Soviet Cup, an annual tournament featuring the top ice hockey clubs from across the Soviet Union. The 1976 final stands out as a memorable match for CSKA Moscow, showcasing their skill and determination as they battled for the prestigious cup title.

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