Vladimir Demikhov’s two-headed dogs, Soviet experiments on animals

Vladimir Demikhov’s two-headed dogs

Archival video story on animal experiments by Demikhov, a Soviet scientist who made the first transplantation of a dog’s heart in 1952. The investigation at finding ways of replacing portions of the human body lost in injury. In 1946 Demikhov returned the whole heart and lungs of a dog without using artificial blood circulation.

Soviet scientist Demikhov Experiments on organ transplantation, a pioneer in heart-lung, replacement.

Half a century ago, back in 1952, Demikhov put the first vascular shunt on a dog’s heart. The experiment was a success. But for the Russian scientist, the bypass experiment was not the primary goal in life. Therefore, in 1954, he performed another revolutionary experiment to create a two-head dog. He grafted a puppy’s head to a full-grown pooch—footage of scientists observing the process of rejuvenation of the elder dog.

Dog head transplantation shocking experiment by Vladimir Petrovich Demikhov | two-headed dogs Vladimir. This video is available for licensing in high resolution via info@tvdata.ru Russian Stock Footage library The two-headed dog, a product by Surgeon Vladimir

USSR experiments on animals

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