Russian stock footage, both royalty-free and rights-managed

We have direct access to current stock footage of Russian-speaking territories. There are many websites and stock footage providers that offer stock footage of Russian-speaking territories, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. This footage can include landmarks, landscapes, cityscapes, cultural events, and more. Some popular stock footage providers that offer footage of Russian-speaking territories have a vast library of footage, including both royalty-free and rights-managed options.

It’s important to note that some stock footage may require attribution or licensing, depending on the provider and the intended use of the footage. It’s always best to review the terms and conditions of the provider before using any footage.

Uncover the Hidden Gems of Russian-Speaking Territories with Our Film Archive Collections

List of Major Partner Archives:

  1. Gosfilmofond of Russia (Госфильмофонд России)
  2. National Cinematheque of Ukraine (Національна кінотека України)
  3. National Film Archive of Belarus (Нацыянальны фільмавы архіў Беларусі)
  4. Central State Archive of Film, Photo and Sound Documents of Kazakhstan (Центральный государственный архив кинофотодокументов и звукозаписей Республики Казахстан)
  5. National Archive of Kyrgyzstan (Національний архів Киргизької Республіки)
  6. State Archive of Tajikistan (Давлатӣ Архиви Идораҳои Ҳуқуқӣи Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон)
  7. National Agency “Uzbekkino” Film Archive (Национальное агентство “Узбеккино” Фильм-архив)

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and there may be additional film archives available in the Russian-speaking territories.

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