BN Footage from 1995-1998 – 2006

  1. BN14 (Б) – Space Mission
    • Chronological footage of the MIR space station (1995-98) showing cosmonauts performing repairs in open space.
    • Scenes from the Ground Control Center (ЦУП) where workers observe and manage module docking.
    • Testing of space modules underwater with cosmonauts in diving suits.
    • Rocket launch with cosmonauts waving from the bus to the rocket.
    • Footage of the MIR space station in space, captured from the window (элюминатора), showing Earth in the background.
    • Cosmonauts entering the rocket via an elevator, rocket launch, and footage from the rocket’s cabin during liftoff.
    • Module docking, astronauts transitioning between modules, and a celebratory meeting with applause.
  2. BN15 (Б) – Various Scenes
    • Footage from the Flight Control Center, module docking, and astronauts’ arrival and meeting with others.
    • A protest at the White House demanding payment of wages.
    • Footage of a halted aviation plant with unfinished airplanes.
    • Saddam Hussein disembarking from a plane and entering a meeting room.
  3. BN16 (Б) – Visit of Bill Clinton to Moscow (January 13, 1994)
    • Scenes of Yeltsin and Clinton’s meeting with press interaction near a fireplace.
    • Formal meeting with handshakes, speeches by Yeltsin and Clinton.
    • Sightseeing tour for the American delegation at the Kremlin.
  4. BN17 (Б) – Women’s Prison in Golovlino (February 2001)
    • Footage of women prisoners in the courtyard, organizing in groups and receiving packages from relatives.
    • Scenes of children of prisoners playing in the daycare and interactions with their mothers.
    • Medical examinations of children in the prison’s hospital.
    • Scenes from the prison’s dining hall, where women eat.
    • Cultural event with inmates watching a performance.
    • A woman with a child being released from prison, meeting her husband.
  5. BN18 (Б) – Various Historical Footage
    • British military in India, with commentary in English.
    • Footage of Stalin meeting with British officials.
    • Agitfilms showcasing pioneers in agriculture, army exercises, ballet performance, and a piano recital by Emil Gilels.
  6. BN19 (Б) – Urban Exploration (Diggers of Moscow)
    • Scenes of diggers exploring Moscow’s underground tunnels and sewers, including the Red Square and other locations.
    • Emergency services responding to incidents in Moscow.
    • Moscow’s landmarks and sights, including the Moscow Metro.
  7. BN20 (Б) – Protests Against NATO in Feodosia, Ukraine (2006)
    • Scenes of a protest against NATO with demonstrators chanting slogans against the US.
    • People opening containers labeled NATO 7.62mm (ammunition) at the port.
    • Nighttime picketing at the port, preventing trucks from passing.
  1. BN14 (Б) – Space Mission Keywords: MIR space station, cosmonauts, open space repairs, Ground Control Center, module docking, rocket launch.
  2. BN15 (Б) – Various Scenes Keywords: White House protest, aviation plant, halted production, Saddam Hussein, meeting, airplane.
  3. BN16 (Б) – Visit of Bill Clinton to Moscow Keywords: Bill Clinton, Moscow visit, Yeltsin meeting, Kremlin tour.
  4. BN17 (Б) – Women’s Prison in Golovlino Keywords: Women’s prison, Golovlino, prisoners, children, daycare, dining hall, cultural event, release.
  5. BN18 (Б) – Various Historical Footage Keywords: British military, India, Stalin, British officials, pioneers, agriculture, army exercises, ballet, piano.
  6. BN19 (Б) – Urban Exploration (Diggers of Moscow) Keywords: Diggers, Moscow, underground tunnels, sewers, Red Square, Moscow Metro.
  7. BN20 (Б) – Protests Against NATO in Feodosia, Ukraine Keywords: NATO protest, Feodosia, Ukraine, port, containers, picketing.

BN43 Footage duration: 13:38

Footage includes scenes of Orthodox and Catholic Churches, services, and congregations, interviews with Alexy II and Gorbachev, scenes from the Moscow Church of Christ the Savior, scenes of the Beslan school hostage crisis including shooting at the school, hostages being carried out, covered bodies, Putin visiting the hospitalized children, Putin in his office with deputies observing a moment of silence, scenes from the Nord-Ost theater siege, Beslan school after the attack, combat actions in Ingushetia, a support rally for Yushchenko in Ukraine.

Keywords: Orthodox Church, Catholic Church, Alexy II, Gorbachev, Church of Christ the Savior, Beslan crisis, Putin, Nord-Ost theater, Ingushetia, Yushchenko.

BN44 Footage duration:

4:32 Footage includes scenes from Poklonnaya Hill in summer, young military personnel voting, Yeltsin and Gaidar voting, pre-election advertisements featuring Yeltsin and Luzhkov holding hands.

Keywords: Poklonnaya Hill, voting, Yeltsin, Gaidar, pre-election, Luzhkov.

BN45 Footage duration: 26:09 Footage includes scenes of an ice statue of Big Ben on Pushkin Square in Moscow, the exterior of the Tretyakov Gallery, paintings, visitors, and night shots of Moscow in winter.

Keywords: Big Ben ice statue, Pushkin Square, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, winter.

BN46 Footage duration:

3:50 Footage includes scenes from Moscow 1996, overall view of Strogino from across the river, pre-election advertisement featuring Luzhkov and Yeltsin shaking hands, beautiful summer shots of central Moscow, the Kremlin, and the river.

Keywords: Moscow 1996, Strogino, Luzhkov, Yeltsin, Kremlin, summer.

BN47 Footage duration: 5:08 Footage includes scenes from Ukraine, a rally in support of Tymoshenko, protestors in tents in the city center, Tymoshenko meeting with foreign politicians, and an interview excerpt with Tymoshenko.

Keywords: Ukraine, Tymoshenko, rally, protest, foreign politicians.

BN48 Footage duration: 8:06

Footage includes scenes of a meeting between Kuchma and Putin, Kuchma at a meeting, and the Ukrainian parliament voting.

Keywords: Kuchma, Putin, meeting, Ukrainian parliament.

BN49 Footage duration: 7:55 Footage includes scenes of the ruins of the seized school in Beslan, relatives of the victims, church service, fans of the Terek football club celebrating their team’s victory and dancing Lezginka near the stadium.

Keywords: Beslan, church service, Terek football club, Lezginka, celebration.

BN50 Footage duration: 5:48 Footage includes scenes from a Havana cemetery, graves, tombstones, gravediggers, funerals, relatives crying, gravediggers burying graves.

Keywords: Havana, cemetery, graves, funerals, gravediggers.

BN51 Footage duration: 13:48

Footage includes scenes of the elections, Yeltsin, Gaidar voting, views of the Kremlin, Red Square, and Vasilyevsky Spusk.

Keywords: Elections, Yeltsin, Gaidar, Kremlin, Red Square, Vasilyevsky Spusk.

BN52 Footage duration: 7:14

Footage includes scenes from Domodedovo Airport, the baggage department, suitcases on the belt, a dog searching the luggage, people in the waiting hall, check-in desks, planes on the runway.

Keywords: Domodedovo Airport, baggage, luggage search, check-in, planes.

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