Buryatia Buddhist temples in Russia monk interview footage

Ivolginsky Datsun occupies an honourable first place among Buddhist temples in Russia. Its full name in Tibetan is: “Rivo Gandan Gezhe Dashi Choynhorlin”, which translates as “The Abode of the Perfect Wheel of Teaching, the Mountain that Multiplies the Virtues of Tushita.” All guests of the Datsun note that calmness, joy and positive emotions are felt on the territory of the temple. In addition, it is worth visiting the Ivolginsky Datsun, if only because its architecture is unique, it is of great importance for the culture of Russia.

1994 News footage of Elizabeth II visit to Russia. During the reception of the queen in the Kremlin, there was a slight embarrassment. Yeltsin decided to act like a gentleman and help Elizabeth take off her coat. However, the protocol forbids touching the royal person. Yeltsin completely forgot about these rules and reached out to Her Majesty. The woman quickly orientated herself, showing miracles of dexterity, and elegantly dodged the hand of the Russian leader.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and power changed, the monarch thought about the trip, getting to know the first president and the new leader of the Russian Federation. Prospects have opened up for establishing a dialogue between Great Britain and Russia.

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Buryatia Buddhist temples in Russia monk interview footage


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