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Under Brezhnev’s leadership, the longest in Soviet history after Stalin, the country was carried through a period of unique stability. However, beneath that calm, seeds of corruption sprouted, and economic stagnation seeped in by the mid-70s. His most cherished legacy remains the reinstatement of Victory Day (9 May) as a national holiday in 1965, a tradition that continues as Russia’s most celebrated national holiday today.

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At TVDATA, we offer licensing of exclusive HD footage of historic Victory Day parades, including the LEGENDARY 9th of May 1965 Victory Day PARADE. This video provides a vivid glimpse into Brezhnev’s era and the enduring legacy of this significant celebration. Perfect for documentaries, educational projects, and historical retrospectives, our footage is royalty-free, affordable, and available in perfect, colored HD quality.


Brezhnev: The last of the Soviet leaders who didn’t learn about the Great Patriotic War from the pages of a book, but from the trenches of experience. 🎗️#BrezhnevLegacy #VictoryDay”

Leonid Brezhnev, a Soviet Leader

TVDATA specializes in offering exclusive licensing opportunities for historical footage, including invaluable content from the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting VIDEO ARCHIVE. Among our prestigious collection is the remarkable footage of Leonid Brezhnev, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Captured during a critical period of his leadership at 73 years old, this footage offers a candid look into the complexities of his tenure, highlighting his struggles with health issues, including addiction to alcohol and sleeping pills. This rare glimpse into the life of a Soviet leader provides invaluable material for media projects seeking to explore the intricacies of Soviet history, leadership dynamics, and the personal challenges faced by those in power.

Featured Footage: Leonid Brezhnev’s Final Years

An intimate portrayal of Leonid Brezhnev’s profound and personal struggles through exclusive footage. This collection shows health battles faced by the Soviet Union’s leader, set against the tumultuous backdrop of his era. Gain unprecedented insight into the human side of a pivotal figure in Soviet history.

Exclusive Footage of Leonid Brezhnev: A Glimpse into His Profound Personal Challenges

  • Archive Richness: Sourced from the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting VIDEO ARCHIVE, this footage is a testament to our commitment to providing comprehensive and historically significant material.
  • Licensing Opportunities: TVDATA offers worldwide rights for this footage, making it a perfect fit for documentaries, educational content, historical analyses, and media projects aiming to delve into Soviet history or explore the complexities of political leadership.

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Dive deeper into history with TVDATA. Our extensive archives offer a unique perspective on significant global events and figures, allowing creators to tell stories that are rich, nuanced, and engaging. Whether you’re working on a documentary, a historical series, or educational material, our footage brings authenticity and depth to your project.n 1979, during a significant period of the Soviet Union’s history, a unique behind-the-scenes moment unfolded as the Communist Leader and General Secretary, Leonid Brezhnev, prepared for a televised interview. This preparation involved a rather unexpected and intimate detail that stands out against the backdrop of the era’s political solemnity: the makeup process.

Makeup artist preparing Communist Leader, Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, in a televised interview in 1979.
Makeup artist preparing Communist Leader, Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, in a televised interview in 1979.


Contrary to the austere and rigid image often associated with the leadership of the Communist Party, the task of preparing Brezhnev for the camera was entrusted to a young female makeup artist. This young woman, likely aware of the gravitas of her role, meticulously worked to ensure that the General Secretary presented the best version of himself to the public and the world. In an environment where every detail could be laden with political significance, her role went beyond mere cosmetic application; it was a subtle yet poignant act of humanizing a figure often perceived as distant and authoritative.

The process involved careful attention to detail, from evening out skin tone to subtly enhancing features to ensure they stood out appropriately under the harsh studio lights. Given Brezhnev’s age and the health issues he faced, the makeup artist’s task also included concealing signs of illness and fatigue, presenting a more vigorous and resilient leader to both the Soviet public and international viewers.


This interaction, seemingly minor in the grand scope of geopolitical events, offers a fascinating glimpse into the personal dimensions of political leadership. It highlights the juxtaposition between the public persona and private vulnerabilities of one of the Soviet Union’s most powerful figures, as well as the trust he placed in a young artist’s skill to bridge these two worlds in the moments before facing the camera.

Intricate political image-making during one of the Cold War’s pivotal chapters.

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