The Soviet Union broke in 1991 followed by the 1993 Russian constitutional crisis. As a result, various television channels broadcasted volatile events  from Moscow. The collapse situation lasted for months and therefore, we have hours of stock footage on the topic.

003’01” Boris Yeltsin speaking on a tank in front of the government building.  in Moscow on 19 August 1991

Other Boris Yeltsin-related stock footage featuring early and late 1990th. 

THE SOVIET UNION BROKE IN 1991 FOLLOWED BY THE 1993 RUSSIAN CRISIS, we present a stock footage collection devoted to the era. It is mostly filmed on Betacam SP 720 x 576 resolution and digitized in the highest way possible. Mostly the footage reveals hardship and poverty followed by the collapse during the 1990 th. For example here is a video featuring teenagers working and begging on the streets of Moscow. 


In addition, our Video Editing Engineer adds new stock footage daily to our YouTube channels. 

Besides, we degitised hours of footage featuring August 21, 1991 Coup in Russia. These videos include protesters clashes,  Gorbachev resignation, interviews with communist party ex-leaders and more.

Moscow coup gathered lots of Russian crowd on the streets of ex USSR capital. The area of Russian Parliament was an epiceter of revolutionary events. Russian military in Soviet uniforms came to stop violence during coup d’état in 1991.  Here we present shoking videos, various interviews and stock video clips for your creative projects.

Protesters clash with police and military on the streets of Moscow.