This footage was filmed at a private Russia’s State Depository of Valuables known as Gokhran. Being a division of Finance Ministry Gokhran buys diamonds at fixed prices to sell them to Russian diamond-cutting factories at public auctions.

Gokhran sells $30 million worth of diamonds every year. The most unique of the precious stones mined in Russia are kept for the State. Gohran has its own diamond cutting facilities. Some diamond industry professionals working here are Viktor Nikolayev, Vladimir Sitnikov, Boris Ivanov and Gennady Aleksakhin whose names are known to jewellers throughout the world.

State Depository of Valuables diamond manufacturing

The footage shows the whole process of the diamond manufacturing business from examining the crystalline structure of rough diamonds until cutting. Than polishing by an electric motor, and finally rounding—different views of diamonds and jewellery reflecting light. Also some interviews with experts.

Betacam SP tape-recorded in PAL 720×576