Russia’s Leningrad II nuclear Power plant filmed in 1992. The Leningrad NPP is the largest electricity producer in the North-West of Russia. The station provides more than 50% of energy consumption. It supplies the city of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. In January 2018, the station generated a record 1 trillion / kW * hour of electricity.

Leningradskaya NPP is the only plant in Russia where power units of two different types operate. Channel uranium-graphite RBMK-1000 and water-cooled VVER-1200. A new innovative power unit 3+ with a VVER-1200 reactor was put into commercial operation on October 29, 2018.  It replaced the RBMK-1000 power unit No. 1, which was shut down on December 21, 2018. Today we are building a VVER-1200 power unit No. 2.


On October 23. 2020 communications department of the Rosenergoatom, Rosatom state corporation reported that Leningrad NPP launched unit 6. The first connection to the grid of power unit No. 6 with a VVER-1200 reactor took place in the morning. The power unit was synchronized with the grid and reached a capacity of 240 MW.

Digitized in 10 bit uncompressed from Betacam SP tape-recorded in PAL 720 × 576 resolution

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