Figure Skating

Stock footage of a sports rehearsals of figure skaters led by the famous coach Tamara Moskvina. Fragments of skaters’ performances in St. Petersburg in 2003, including Tatyana Navka and Roman Kostomarov.

Video about Tamara Moskvina. T. Moskvina – candidate of pedagogical sciences, Honored Master of Sports, USSR Champion in singles and doubles. T. Moskvina prepared a number of famous figure skaters, among them Olympic champions E. Valova, O. Vasiliev, N. Mishkutenok, A. Dmitriev, O. Kazakova; winners (2002) and silver medalists of the Olympic Games (1998), world champions (1998, 1999) and Europe (2001) E. Berezhnaya, A. Sikharulidze.

Film footage originated in Betacam SP Tamara Moskvina with her husband – Honored Trainer of the USSR and Russia I. B. Moskvin. Their interviews are recorded.