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Exceptional Cameraman & Videography Services in London

Cameraman, a London-based Russian Speaking Videographer & Producer / Editor

Exceptional Cameraman & Videography Services in London. My primary equipment features the exceptional Sony FX3. Renowned for its high-definition and cinematic output, it guarantees your interview will have a premium, broadcast-grade quality.

The range of lenses I offer can accommodate any setting or mood:

The 16-35mm lens is perfect for wider ambiance shots.
The 50mm lens emphasizes portrait frames, making interviewees stand out.
The 24-70mm provides adaptability for diverse framing.
The 100-400mm is ideal for intricate close-ups or expansive shots.

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Advertise Your Products or Services on the TVDATA.TV YouTube Channel

Looking to target a diverse and engaged audience? Advertise your products or services on the TVDATA.TV YouTube channel! Our viewers range from young adults to middle-aged individuals, making it the perfect platform to promote your


Pre-Drone Era Aerials: Mid-1990s Majesty – Sky High Moscow, A Soaring Journey Above the Kremlin’

Mid-1990s Aerial Moscow” offers a captivating visual experience, transporting viewers back in time to explore the iconic landmarks and architectural wonders of Russia’s capital from above. Filmed before the widespread use of drones, this exclusive footage showcases the remarkable beauty and grandeur of Moscow’s cityscape through the lens of skilled cinematographers using helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. Delve into the history and culture of the Kremlin, Red Square, and surrounding areas as you embark on a soaring journey above the timeless beauty of Moscow during a bygone era.


Soviet Endurance: Video Stories of Physical and Mental Toughness

stock footage of other Soviet human endurance stories, it would be interesting to see and learn more about them. The Soviet Union was known for its emphasis on physical and mental toughness. There were many


The Astonishing Stratosphere Jump of Pyotr Dolgov – March 1, 1962 (Available for Licensing)

Discover the astonishing story of Soviet Air Force Colonel Pyotr Dolgov’s stratosphere jump on March 1, 1962, from an altitude of 28,640 meters. Experience the extreme conditions he faced during his daring descent, and explore the tragic conclusion of this historic event that tested the limits of human endurance and showcased the pursuit of science and exploration.

B&W Film Tape
This video clip from the early 1990s captures the intense media frenzy surrounding Boris Yeltsin, a highly visible political figure in Russia during that time. As Yeltsin moves quickly through a crowded area, journalists struggle to keep up with him, jostling and pushing each other to capture the best shot.

Rare Historical Footage: Boris Yeltsin’s Official Visit to Belarus in 1995 | #BorisYeltsin #NainaYeltsin #RussiaBelarus #HistoricalFootage

Rare Historical Footage: Boris Yeltsin’s Official Visit to Belarus in 1995 | #BorisYeltsin #NainaYeltsin #RussiaBelarus #HistoricalFootage

Nord Stream The main gas pipeline Nord Stream Two between Germany and Russia. stock video

Amplifying Excellence: Expert Sound Engineer

Meet Oleg Koneff, the top-class sound engineer based in St. Petersburg. With a wealth of experience in television and film audio production, Oleg is highly regarded for his specialized skills as a Russian-speaking sound specialist. His exceptional sound quality enhances the viewer experience, and his commitment to delivering excellence is unmatched. Hire Oleg for your next production and take the audio quality to the next level.

Saint Petersburg

Roman Abramovich and Dasha Zhukova: Their Relationship, Success in the Art World, and Influence in Business and Politics

Roman Abramovich is a Russian billionaire and one of the wealthiest businessmen in the world. In 2008, he made headlines when he started dating Dasha Zhukova, the founder of the Rich Art Gallery in Moscow.

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