Chemical Weapons Storage

Chemical Arsenal Storage
Chemical Arsenal Storage Video played from the computer. Available for Licensing Worldwide.

Chemical Weapons Storage in Russia High Resolution Video 720 X 576 Progressive 25 fps.

Russian chemical weapons

Russian Federation back in the 1990s. At the time, the stockpiles of chemical weapons in Russia were considered among the largest in the world – 39,967 tons (in the United States – 31,500 tons). The main part of chemical weapons was represented by such poisonous substances as lewisite, mustard, mixture of lewisite-mustard (HL), sarin, soman, VX (substance 33).

Russia Destroys Chemical Weapons
Russia Destroys Chemical Weapons

Chemical warfare arsenal

Russian Storage of poisonous substances

Chemical warfare agents were used by the Red Army in 1921 (there is evidence that in 1930-1932) while peasant uprisings against Soviet power.


Russia Destroys Chemical Weapons, Interview with Military Intelligence 



The Chernobyl disaster video 25–26 April 1986.

Real footage of the major catastrophic nuclear accident filmed during the first hours.

A routine reactor test at the Chernobyl power plant went wrong. Two colossal explosions blew the roof off. After 1000-ton concrete cover was gone, radiation leaked into the atmosphere.

The Chernobyl disaster

The Chernobyl accident happened in 25–26 April 1986. Soon after  a Catastrophic nuclear accident the humankind noticed Nuclear explosion consequences. 

Chernobyl accident

Chernobyl disaster

25–26 April 1986

catastrophic nuclear accident

Chernobyl accident

Soviet Television News announcement right after the accident. In short this Soviet news announcement diminishes the accident. The presenter is saying that only two people are dead. It follows by a commentator lie supporting the fact.
Chernobyl 20 years later, April 2006.

This is 20 years since the first sarcophagus was mounted. But the radiation is leaking, and the second structure is to be constructed.

Chernobyl is a major nuclear power plant disaster in the history of human kind.  Here we present an interview with a Russian expert.  She talks about current stage of the first sarcophagus, a construction mounted straight after the accident.  She emphasizes current problems associated with corrosion, radiation leakage and explains ways to fix it.

Nuclear explosion

nuclear reactor

A Russian Expert giving an inside information on Soviet Nuclear reactor accident. Please contact us for English version of this interview.  

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