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Russian Footage

TVDATA .RU owns and represents Russian Footage Collection from independent producers & studious. We have a wide variety of contemporary and archival footage as well as complete production on formats ranging from 16mm to Betacam Digital. In additional to raw footage, our video library includes complete production: newsreels, feature stories and documentaries on virtually all topics related to Russia. Some stories are unique and of interest to an international audience. We sell rights for exploitation of the content across all media platforms. TV Data offers high-quality material for a lower price than any other Russian TV Channel Library.


TV Data provides distribution and research services. We can search Russian audiovisual archives and television libraries to find footage that meets your specific needs. You can send your request to We will preview tapes, locate production records, investigate rights. Before buying material in professional format, you can view video clips of your order through our Internet site. That way, you can be sure you are buying the best of Russia!

Accident in history

The Chernobyl disaster

the Chernobyl accident

25–26 April 1986

Catastrophic nuclear accident

Nuclear explosion

nuclear reactor

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