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Rights Clearance for movie footage and tv videos in Russia

At TVDATA we provide rights and clearances for movie footage and television videos across all Russian channels, we also deal with various intellectual property, music rights and managed images, as well as celebrity images across Russia, former USSR, currently CIS and any other Russian speaking territories.


On request of our client producing feature films, documentary or a commercial,  we research across all Russian video channels on this given subject.  This is an example of a compilation featuring Boris  Boris Berezovsky, a Russian oligarch, and we post a preview for the client.  This particular footage featuring  Berezovsky meeting with president Yeltsin, attending  Vlad Listyev funeral and much more.



post-production video editing facilities in Russia

At TVDATA we also provide post-production video editing facilities for sophisticated work and a rough-cut quick services wi mobile / computer Adobe Premier Pro editing station. Post Production services can be delivered from any location in Russia, where you are filming with us.

post production in Russia
post-production in Russia
You can rely on us whether you are coming to Russia or CIS to produce a corporate video, a film and any other video production.